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10% Off in Boutique Appointments!

Are you getting married? Have you got your dress? Well now is the time to start thinking about your veils and accessories and we have good news for you! We are offering 10% off in boutique appointments booked before 30th December this year! To book please email and we'll be delighted to meet you!

* Valid on orders over £150 only

* Only valid in your first appointment

* Not valid on bespoke orders

* Only valid on appointments booked before 30th December 2016

* Discount only available on boutique appointments, not online orders sorry.

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Here are just a few tips we recommend you think about prior to your appointment. This way we can assist you with your decision as much as possible.

We would recommend booking an appointment with us once you have chosen your dress and have a good idea of how you would like to style your hair. Please bring with you a picture of your dress, any colour swatches your may have, and if you’re interested in veils, the length of your train.

We also recommend having a look through the accessories on our website. If there is something specific you would like to try, or have an idea of the ‘look’ you would like to go for, please do let us know. That way we can tailor the appointment specifically for you, and make sure the accessories are available for your visit.

The process of choosing accessories and veils is a very exciting time, and we know you may want to share the experience with those close to you, but sometimes too many voices can get a little overwhelming, we find that one or two people accompanying our brides is the perfect amount. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children or babies in the boutique.

We make everything right here in our boutique. Orders placed from our standard collection are dispatched within 2-4 working days, bespoke pieces can take a bit longer depending on the accessory. We don’t accept returns on bespoke items or those ordered in the boutique.

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Sarah Bates


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