How to wear a drop veil with a tiara

We have had lots of brides ask us how to wear a drop veil with a tiara so we thought we would do a short blog post. It is best to order a drop veil with a comb attached.

1. Secure the comb in your hair just behind where you would like the tiara to sit and with both veil layers falling behind you.

2. Use hat pins or straight hairpins (we can supply) to pin the veil to your hair across the width of the veil,

3. With both layers still falling behind you place the tiara against the edge of the veil.

4. Use the pins to the attach the veil to the edge of the tiara.

You should then be able to pull the blusher forward over the tiara. You can also remove the veil and leave the tiara in place.

There are lots of other ways to secure a drop veil, see our blog post here for more ideas. 

Hope this helps. Do let us know if you have any questions.

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Sarah Bates
Sarah Bates


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