January 22, 2015

30% off the Celie hair vine on Etsy Sample Sale

This week on our Etsy Sample Sale we have 30% off the Celie floral crystal wedding hair vine. This vine is made from pressed silk flowers and hand-wired glass beads that are then whimsically attached to a metal hair band covered in dark brown ribbon. This hairvine would look particularly pretty when worn by a bride for a spring or summer wedding.

The hairvine can be worn with any hairstyle whether you decide to wear you hair up for your wedding, or leave it loosely down. If you like the idea of wearing a hair vine but a little unsure of how to keep it in place all day, Celie is a great option - it is naturally secure because of the metal band but the overall effect still looks like something that is wound into your hairstyle!

There is very little wrong with this hairvine - the silk flowers are slightly closed, but apart from this it is still in very good condition!

RRP £122.00 now only £85.40

Celie Hair vine by Britten Weddings

Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs