February 23, 2015

Ella lace wedding garter by The Wedding Garter Co.

Ruffles of beautiful lace finished off with three shimmering pearls- what's not to love about this Ella lace garter by The Wedding Garter Co.? A garter like this will stand the test of time, perfect if you like the idea of your bridal accessories becoming family heirlooms.

Ella lace garter by The Wedding Garter Co.

This traditional lace garter is made entirely by hand from luxurious ivory lace in a small boutique in Bradford on Avon. The lace used to make this garter comes for the same company that designed the lace for the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress to Prince William, a company that have been making lace since 1845. 

This garter is wonderfully soft and light to wear, ideal when it's worn all day! The delicate nature of this garter means that it is unlikely to show up under any skirt no matter the design of the gown. If you're not sure, why not make an appointment at the boutique to try it on! The Wedding Garter Co. will be happy to discuss all the garter options with you!


Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs