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Wedding hair pins UK

I think one of many wonderful things about Britten Weddings is that absolutely every single one of our products, whether it's earrings, headbands, hair combs or hairpins, is made completely by hand here in our boutique in Bradford on Avon - every little stitch, every bead, crystal and shimmering pearl is meticulously placed, by hand, to create our unique pieces. For us, we find it both satisfying and rewarding completing a product that has been specifically chosen by a bride, or someone close to the bride, for one of the most important days of her life!

 wedding hair pins UK

Our hair pins are gaining a lot of popularity amongst our brides, both our floral hair pins and our Art Deco pieces. They are so incredibly easy to use, and are great for adding that perfect little piece of glamour to complete a bridal look. I don't think there is a single hairstyle that wouldn't be wonderfully complemented by a small sparkling floral bloom or vintage accessory.

Wedding hair pins UK

Each of the hair pins is sold in sets of three which is ideal because you can play around by placing the hair pins in different places throughout a hairstyle creating lots of different looks. Most hair stylists should be able to secure them easily, and because they're all fabulously light, there should be no problems with them not staying in place all day. If you are at all concerned try placing a couple kirby grips in your hair and then securing our hair pins to the grips. This should give the pin something extra to grip onto which is useful particularly for people who have silky hair.  

Wedding hair pins UK

Our hair pins are not only for brides, but would make really sweet thank you gifts for bridesmaids and flower girls to wear on the wedding day too. Many of the styles of hair pins can quite easily be worn again without them looking too bridal. 

Wedding hair pins UK

So if you're looking for wedding hair accessories with a personal touch, don't forget that our wedding hair pins are made right here in the UK, with lots of love and attention. If there is anything in particularly that you are looking for, or want to chat through options of a bespoke piece, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We'd be more than happy to discuss designs with you!



Alexandra Knaggs

Alexandra Knaggs