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    This week at the boutique!

    We have been busy working hard this last week creating new pieces to add to our various collections of bridal accessories. As we've previously mentioned, we have a very beautiful styled shoot coming up at the end of March (beware- you'll undoubtedly be bombarded with some very pretty behind the scenes photographs) to showcase our new accessories, so we are feeling a mixture of both excitement and pressure- time is ticking faster than we can sew or wire and we've still got so many designs that we want to make!

    Today we received the dress choices which is all very exciting, unfortunately we can't show you them just yet, but it's quite hard being given a selection of stunning gowns and being allowed to only choose a couple. It feels like we're choosing our own wedding dresses all over again! I think if we had our way Sarah and I would like to have a new dress for each individual accessory! 

    Make sure you keep an eye out on our website, we are constantly updating our products with our new creations!




    Alexandra Knaggs

    Alexandra Knaggs