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Bridal Hair Pins Online

If you're too far away to pop into our shop for an appointment to view our collection of hair pins, don't worry because we now have our entire collection of bridal hair pins online. They can be viewed and purchased on either our website, Not On The Highstreet or Etsy. 

bridal hair pins online

It can sometimes be a bit tricky purchasing wedding accessories online - you never quite know how big or small they actually are until you physically see and try them on. They also need to match any other accessories you might wear on your day and, most importantly, they have to match the dress and veil (if you decide to wear one)! So, the wonderful thing about purchasing our bridal hair pins online is that you get to try the hair pins on in the comfort of your own home along with your other accessories to get a feel of your whole bridal outfit. We will however, be a bit sad if you did decide to do this as both Sarah and I would absolutely love it if you brought your dress in with you to find matching hair pins, but we do understand travelling around with a wedding gown isn't the easiest thing to do!

bridal hair pins online

If you choose a pair that isn't quite right, there's no problem just popping them in the post back to us. We can help you look for another pair that might be better suited to your style. 

bridal hair pins online



Alexandra Knaggs

Alexandra Knaggs