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Hair pins for weddings!

There are so many wonderful choices a bride gets to make towards finalising her look for a wedding day but sometimes it can be a little daunting with the amount of choice that is available. There are so many beautiful products a bride can choose from and decisions like whether to wear a veil or not, choose hair combs over hair pins, a belt instead of a necklace, or wear both earrings and a cuff can take up a considerable amount of time and add to the pressure a bride has to deal with. So today, we are going to try and help ease the indecision you might be feeling as to what hair accessories to choose from.  

One of the safest options a bride can choose with regards to hair accessories are hair pins for weddings! They are so incredibly easy to use, any hair stylist should know the tricks of the trade when it comes to securely placing them in a hairstyle however, even if you choose not to go for a stylist but instead do your own hair, they are one of the most effective and easiest accessories to wear. 

Each of the pins come in sets of three, so are ideal for either spreading them out in a hairstyle, or bunching them together. You might even find that you decide on simply wearing only one hair pin rather than all three. It is completely up to you as a bride as to how statement you want your hair to be. The pins comes in a wonderful selection of sizes, so if you're after something small and delicate or large and sparkly, we've got it covered!

There are lots of pretty hair pins designs that are available on our website that have either a floral or art deco feel, all of which also come in a choice of gold or silver finishes. Each of the pins are made by hand to order, which makes them even more special because they were made especially for you only. These hair pins don't have to be just for the bride, they would make wonderful little gifts for your bridesmaids to wear in their hair your big day which would make them feel just as glamorous as the bride at the wedding. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to discuss our hair pin collection, or make an appointment to stop by the boutique to try them on! x

Alexandra Knaggs

Alexandra Knaggs