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    When should I take my veil off?

    Are you wondering at what point during your wedding day should you take off your veil? There's absolutely no right or wrong time, but here's what we tell our brides:

    A wedding veil is something that you will never wear on any other day so you really should make the most of wearing one. Having said that, it can depend on the style of your veil that determines how long you can keep one in. 

    wedding veils

    Shorter veils such as finger tip or even floor length veils can sometimes be easily worn all day, however the longer it is, such as church or cathedral length, the more likely it will catch on something on the floor or be stood on during your reception. Our suggestion would be that if you have chosen to wear a longer veil to take it out just before you sit down to your wedding breakfast. 

    wedding veils

    Daniella Harding

    Daniella Harding