What is a blusher veil?

There are so many different types of wedding veils that understanding the terminology when searching online for your perfect veil can be quite daunting, especially if you're new to the wedding world. Sometimes we take it for granted that every bride we speak to understands exactly what we're talking about. So today, in order to help make things a bit clearer, I'll be quickly going over - what is a blusher:

Veils can come in many different lengths, and the one that you choose all depends on the style of your gown and what takes your fancy, however one aspect of a veil that you may or may not what to have as part of your veil is the tulle veil that is pulled over your face when walking down the aisle. The part that falls across your face is called a blusher. Some brides find this extremely old fashioned, while others find that wearing a veil with a blusher makes them feel even more like a bride. I personally chose to wear a veil with one because I love the fussiness of it and honestly,  when are you ever going to wear one again?

Our veils have a standard blusher length of 70cm from the comb, this means it naturally falls just above where you would hold a bouquet. If you bend your arms to hold an imaginary bouquet, it would brush just above your forearms.  

The length of the blusher can be adjusted. So if you wanted a veil with a slightly longer or shorter blusher, this can easily be made to the exact length you desire. It is always worth remembering that the fall of the blusher might also change depending on where you decide to place the comb in your hair. The closer the  to the crown of your head and forehead the longer it will appear, while wearing it further back would make it appear shorter. The blusher can also be plain (as known as cut edge) or have lace edging to it. 

If you have any more questions about blushers, please do get in touch, we want to help as much as possible! There are probably lots of other brides with the exact same questions as you! 


Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs