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Bespoke wedding accessories!

Sometimes when searching for your dream wedding accessories it can be frustrating when you think you've found exactly what you're looking for but there are small things you'd like to change about it to make it absolutely perfect. This can sometimes be frustrating particularly when there isn't an option to do this and the last thing you want to feel is fed up when searching for your dream accessory. In order to stop our brides feeling like this we offer a bespoke option here at Britten, where you can either come to us with an idea for a completely new design of what you want, or with the idea of changing a few things with pieces that we already have available. 

One of the things that most brides request is for their accessories to match they colour theme, either by changing something into either gold or silver to tone in with their gown, or simply exchanging pearls and crystals with coloured ones so that they match their bridesmaids, flowers or even engagement ring. There are so many wonderful options when it comes to changing the colour of our Swarovski crystals. This week we are having fun playing around with these beautiful emerald inspired crystals.

Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs