February 26, 2016

Britten Sample Sale on Etsy

From time to time we add sample products to our Britten Sample Sale which can be found on Etsy. Some of the time these pieces have been massively reduced, or they may simply just have small reductions depending on what is wrong with them. It is always worth keeping an eye on our sample sale as you might find a really good bargain!

This week we added a pair of gold Isla earrings. We made these for a bride, but noticed just before sending them out that, when you turn one of the earrings to the side, there was a small grey patch along the outside edge of the main crystal. It looks like a very small part of the crystal has chipped off which has caused this grey patch. When looking directly on to the earring, this chip is not visible at all, and it would appear that they are still in perfect condition.

This pair could be worn quite easily without the defect being seen. 

10% discount off £48.00, now only £43.20

To find this pair of earrings on our sale, please click here

Alexandra Knaggs
Alexandra Knaggs