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All about Veil Fabrics

Veil fabrics materials

Our veil collection has grown considerably since we started all those years ago and with it has the amount of different kinds of fabrics we use. We are always trying to fill gaps in the veil market and finding and creating new styles is just so much fun!

We thought it would be a good idea to give a breakdown of all of our fabrics so you can find the right one for you.

  • Our 'traditional tulle' which has a little body and volume and gives you that very traditional veil look. This is the original veil fabric! Our's is made in Somerset and made from a very high quality Nylon. The best thing about this tulle is it's strength, even though it is exceptionally fine it can support a lot of lace and detail without loosing it's lightness. 
  • Our 'silk style tulle' which drapes and falls like silk without the hefty price tag. Silk style tulle is very soft and falls straight down with no volume at all, as it is so delicate it does have a tendency to catch so if your dress is heavily embellished our traditional or illusion tulle maybe a better option. This tulle works best with slim fitting dresses. Like our traditional tulle this is also made in Somerset and is made from a polyester thread. This tulle is also known as an English net.
  • Our 'pure soft silk tulle' which is one of the most luxurious of all our tulles, it drapes and handles beautifully. Like silk style tulle it has a tendency to catch on embellishments and also works best with slim fitting dresses. This tulle is made in France - a country famous for luxurious fabrics.
  • Our 'pure crisp silk tulle' which is also pure silk but has a little more body and structure than our pure soft silk. This tulle will work with most dresses and laces and falls beautifully. It is similar in feeling to our traditional tulle.
  • Our 'polka dot tulle' which is covered in tiny dots, it's also know as swiss dot tulle. It adds a little more texture and interest to the veil. Our polka dot tulle is soft and falls more like our silk style tulle than our traditional tulle. 
  • Our illusion tulle which is a soft tulle that falls between our traditional and silk style in terms of body and structure. The 'holes' in the fabric are tiny and as such this works beautifully if you have a very embellished dress as it won't catch. It is very similar to Italian tulle.
  • Our silk organza which has more body than the other fabrics and is less sheer. This is also made of a pure silk thread. Perfect for a modern look!
  • Our full lace veils which are a beautiful alternative to tulle and give you a bit more coverage.
  • Our russian net veils which are normally either birdcage or bandeau.

veil fabrics

Luna Samuels

Luna Samuels

I’m responsible for the day to day running here at Britten. I love helping our lovely brides with their beautiful accessories and when I'm not here I’m probably making beautiful things at home or on the hunt for the best fish and chips in the land!