January 13, 2017

The Britten guide to wedding veils - what are different edging options?

We have various edging options. You can buy our lace sample packs to compare the lace to your wedding dress. Don't worry they don't need to match exactly, you just want them to compliment each other. 

  • Full lace edged wedding veils. A lace edge runs all the way around, right up to the comb. The delicate lace frames the face and gives the most dramatic effect possible. A lot of the lace we use, both at Britten and our sister company The Wedding Garter Co, comes from an English firm established since 1858 and still owned by the same family. It's now run by the 8th generation of the family and it's safe to say they make the best lace in the world. Not only do they provide the finest quality ecclesiastical lace to the church but they also supplied the lace for the dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge to Prince William in 2011. 
  • Semi lace edged wedding veils. The lace edge to the veil finishes around shoulder height in most of our designs but you can have the lace start and finish anywhere you would like.
  • Satin edge veils. A satin edge runs all the way around the veil giving it more structure.
  • Pencil edge veils. A very fine line of stitching runs around the whole veil. We can do this in most colours.
  • Cut edge wedding veils. A cut edged veil is very much lighter and more delicate than lace edged versions. For this reason it allows other accessories more attention and moves much more freely in light breezes; it's a beautiful effect.
  • Bespoke edge- We can edge our veils in a variety of other options. We love lace motifs and are sure to be adding some new designs with these soon!

Daniella Harding
Daniella Harding