Wedding Day Scents

"Set the scene with our very special scents and summon bridal memories instantly ever after, read more about why this happens, it's like a scent aide-mémoire. Seven scents (two in '100% essential oils') to choose from - Briar Rose, Salted Lime & Basil, English Bluebell, Jasmine Blossom, Lily of the Valley, Neroli & English Herbs and Patchouli & Orange Blossom. Make sure you don't miss our combination sets for each scent. They make a fabulous gift or a special treat for yourself. " Sarah Jane x

More Info on Wedding Day Scented Candles, Sprays and Diffusers

These incredible scents have been designed to evoke memories of your wedding day. We have a selection of candles, sprays and diffusers that emit pleasant and distinctive scents.

You can choose to associate these smells with your wedding day and bridal experiences by using as you get dressed or at another point of the day.

By re-using the scent at a later date, such as an anniversary, the memories of your wedding day can be rekindled: the joy and happiness (and maybe nervousness) will all all come flooding back to you.

All these scents are unique products made by Britten Weddings in our ancient studio in Bradford-on-Avon, nestled in the South West of England.

Alongside our selection of scents, Britten Weddings offer a range of bridal accessories including hair multipieces, head bands and hair pins.

For any questions about our selection of wedding day scented candles, sprays and diffusers, please contact our helpful team at Britten Weddings!