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How and why our bridal scents work





Bradford on Avon Bridal ShopThe sense of smell is the oldest that we possess and the most sensitive. We can distinguish millions of different scents. Smell developed early in our evolution so the brain processes scent information in the same area as memories and emotions.

This means that memories cued by particular scents are more powerful and easy to recall. Scent preferences can also be passed between generations - it is this knowledge that aromatherapists use so effectively. 

Our scent range is designed to be distinctive. Choose a scent different to your everyday one. Save it for your wedding day and bridal experiences & you'll deliberately associate that scent with your big day. It's like a scent aide-mémoire.

Why not save your chosen scent after your wedding day for special occasions like anniversaries, lighting a candle or spritzing a room spray will bring your wedding day memories flooding back.