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Choosing your bridal accessories can often be quite difficult especially if you are trying to plan ahead and get as much wedding stuff organised as possible. Purchasing the right hair accessories to match your dress can be a bit of a problem especially if your dress is still being made or altered. I remember purchasing my own hair accessories soon after I chose my dress, and when I took the accessories to the fitting I realised that the styles didn't quite match and, to be honest, the idea of how I wanted to 'look' on my wedding day had changed a bit from when I first chose my dress. 

hair comb styles

Here at Britten we have worked hard to create many different hair comb styles to appeal to our wonderful brides. We have combs that would suit vintage, modern, traditional and boho brides. The hair combs come in styles that have either an art deco feel which is created by using strong symmetrical patterns, combs with a modern feel created by combining large crystals and keeping it simple, hair combs with the perfect vintage glamour created by combining pearls and crystals and edging them with either gold and silver beading, and finally, combs that have floral touches that are ideal for summer weddings. The floral details and whimsical hand wiring make a wonderful look those that want a more statement look. 

We hope that our experience in designing these different looks will allow us to provide you, as the bride, with all the necessary decisions to make the right choice of bridal accessory to complement your dress. Our advice to is- take your time examining all the different looks of our hair comb styles. Don't choose something immediately after you've chosen your dress, your dress might look completely different from when you first tried it on. There might be little bits of detailing that you completely missed before, but now want to accentuate. Always take your time and definitely wait until you've gone for your first fitting before setting your heart on your wedding hair accessories. 

hair comb styles

All of our accessories are handmade which allows us the option of offering bespoke pieces for brides. This can be a great option for those that want to continue the detailing of the wedding dress with the hair accessories. Just remember not to leave it too close to your wedding date, we want to be able to give you our best work! Make an appointment with Sarah to pop into our boutique, bring a picture of your dress, or email us a copy and we will be more than happy to discuss the options and come up with a few designs for you.   

hair comb styles