Wedding Accessory Guide

Wedding accessories guideWe are passionate about beautiful bridal outfits and focus on accessories to complement the dress. With years’ of experience handcrafting bridal accessories such as veils, hair pieces and necklaces we have advised hundreds (if not thousands!) of brides on tips for choosing accessories. Every single one of them has ended up with a unique appearance for their special day.

When choosing a bridal outfit you'll need to think about tradition, fashion and even practicality so it’s perfectly natural to want to research your wedding outfit in detail. For many of us, choosing a bridal outfit will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience; we hope this guide can help make it an exciting and fulfilling one!

See below for some answers to common questions from our team as well as some of our insider tips. For even more tips and ideas join our mailing list!


Wedding Accessory Guides

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Bridal Accessory Style Tips

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Wedding Outfit Traditions

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