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Flower Wedding Veil
from £158.00

"All our wedding veils are handmade by our small but dedicated team. A bridal veil's romance is rivalled only by the dress; what childhood wedding dream is complete without one? Not sure the veil will match your dress? Try our veil sample packs. " Sarah Jane x

Buy Bridal Veils, Handmade in England

A bridal veil is a unique part of your wedding day, a beautiful mix of tradition and elegance that gives brides their distinctive look on their special day. We offer veils in a wide range of materials, lengths and with various accessories such as personalised embroidery.

At Britten we handcraft thousands of wedding veils every year and we take pleasure in playing a small but vital part in each of our bride’s weddings. We always love to hear from (and see pictures of!) our Britten brides after their big day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a quirky bohemian wedding, a traditional church wedding or a country mansion affair, we have a huge range of styles that blend traditional and modern elements for a truly stunning effect.

Every wedding veil is handmade in the picturesque market town of Bradford-on-Avon. Whether you want a long or short veil, full lace, ivory veil, pure silk or traditional tulle fabric, we will have the right fit for you to match the rest of your outfit.

Types of Wedding Veil

Here are a few of our most popular styles of veil can be seen below:

Order Bridal Veils Online with 28-Day Returns!

Britten Weddings offer a wide range of veils and bridal accessories, with excellent customer service.

Our veils are suitable to wear with a number of other accessories from the Britten range such as our bridal hair pieces, hair pins and earrings.

If there’s something you can’t see or would like help selecting your veil, please feel free to contact our team today!