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January 17, 2018

Our Real Bride Naomi wearing our Skylar Veil with a Fitted Full Sleeved Lace Dress by Atelier Lyanna

We have had a lovely busy start to the new year and hearing from our beautiful real brides and sharing memories of their special day with us. 

Our real bride Naomi looked amazing on her big day with such an incredible venue and backdrop of The Monastery in Manchester.

She looked beautiful in a fitted Atelier Lyanna wedding dress covered in a delicate lace detail, Naomi customised her wedding dress by adding full sleeves which looked like they were always meant to be with her dress. She finished off her look wearing a stunning pair of sapphire earrings from her granny, her mum's ruby ring and our cathedral length barely there wedding veil Skylar in ivory.

Naomi's Memorable Moment

"We had Call on Me by Janis Joplin as our first dance. We weren't really looking forward to the first dance so had made some people promise to come and join us at a certain point in the song which they did closely followed by the rest of the guests which made it the best first dance we could have asked for!"

Thank you so much Naomi for sharing elements of your day with us and to Kerry Thomas from 2 Ducks Galleries for your beautiful photographs. 

January 06, 2018

Our Real Bride Deborah wearing our Niacae Veil with a Gorgeous Full Skirt Dress by Suzanne Neville

There is something absolutely beautiful and our real brides really know how to make them into the most picturesque memory. 

Our real bride Deborah looked absolutely incredible during her wedding day in the picturesque country house in Aberdeenshire. The perfect venue to host their family and friends during their beautiful day. Whilst wearing a gorgeous full skirted dress Savoy by Suzanne Neville, she finished her look off perfectly with our single tier cut edge wedding veil Niacae in a church length. A very beautiful bride! 

Thank you so much Deborah for sharing these beautiful images of your special day and to Apricot Tree Wedding Photography & Video for capturing every moment. 

January 04, 2018

Our Real Bride Ashley wearing our Two Tier Ada Veil with a Gorgeous A-Line Dress

There is something special about finding the perfect accessories for your wedding day, but there is something so memorable about your bridesmaid gifting you the perfect veil! 

Our real bride Ashley had an amazing sunny wedding day surrounded by her incredible bridesmaids who gifted her our fingertip length two tier delicate lace edged wedding veil Ada in off-white which complimented her dress perfectly and added an extra touch of lace to her bridal look. 

The weather was completely on their side as they were able to walk between to their wedding venue from the beautiful church by the river Wye. 

Ashley's Memorable Moments

"I was given one of your veils (two tier Ada) as a present from one of my bridesmaids (an old friend from university) and it was beautiful, so simple and classic. It was everything I wanted in a veil and completed my outfit on the day. It was also a fabulously thoughtful gift as it will be something to keep and hand down to other girls in my family."

"I loved how personal it was to us. We made so many of our decorations ourselves from the confetti and paper pom-poms to painting old wooden oars in our rowing club colours and getting two old wooden boats into the marquee as decorations."

Thank you so much Ashley for sharing parts of your special day with us and thank you to Ben Rodford Photography for your beautiful photos. 

December 21, 2017

Our Real Bride Bonnie wearing our Isabella Veil with Beautifully Fitted Full Lace Dress from Phase Eight

Creating the perfect family celebration our real bride Bonnie looks like they had the most amazing day getting married surrounded by their closest family and friends and had their beautiful daughters adding that little touch of magic to the day! 

Bonnie looked like the perfect bride wearing a beautiful full lace fitted dress from Phase Eight, she finished off her bridal look perfectly with our floor length single tier cut edge silk style wedding veil Isabella in ivory and topped with a gorgeous fresh flower headpiece which matches her bouquet in every way.

Hello. I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the Isabella floor length veil in ivory I wore for my wedding in October. I knew I wanted a Britten veil as soon as I came across your website, even from the images I knew they were beautifully made. I found the real bride blog really useful. I ordered the swatches to begin with and when they arrived I couldn't believe how silky soft they were. I immediately knew which colour matched my dress and ordered the veil which was delivered within days.

On my wedding day I didn't take it off once, I wore it from start to finish. I felt it complimented my dress and  made me feel more bridal - more wow 😊 I loved it."

Bonnie's Memorable Moments.

Our eldest daughter, Harriett aged 6, reading a love poem
A quote or reading from your ceremony - you've been in Love:

"You've been in love, you know what it's like. It's a sense of delight. Not just in the person you love but in all people in yourself, in life. Suddenly you see beauty, excitement everywhere.You're not afraid to express your love; passionately, gently in words or in silence. You feel strong, generous, fully alive."

Such a touching poem from your daughter read on your wedding day! Thank you so so much Bonnie for sharing such lovely memories of your special day and to Cahill Photography for the incredible photos of their beautiful day. 


December 19, 2017

Our Real Bride Miriam wearing our Coria Veil with a Beautiful Fully Beaded Dress Clarissa by Eliza Jane Howell

Our Real bride Miriam absolutely wowed us when she got in touch with images from her wedding day! 

She had such a beautiful classic bridal look with gorgeous waves and finished off with the perfect red lipstick! She is wearing Clarissa which is a fully beaded wedding dress designed Eliza Jane, absolutely gorgeous how intricate and detailed her dress truly is! She completed her bridal look with our full lace edged wedding veil Coria in off-white and church length!

Miriam's Memorable Moments 

"My Grandma going out of her way to shove the entire contents of her confetti down my bra"

"Chance surprised me with a personalised video from a couple of American singers I love during our service singing my favourite song of theirs (Jenny and Tyler: This is just so beautiful). He also arranged for one of our favourite street musicians to be outside the church playing she's always a woman to me on his accordion if was amazing!"

"The speeches were so special too - Chance, his best man Jordan, my Dad and myself all spoke."

It looks like they had the most amazing day and we love that your photographer managed to capture your grandma and the confetti moment! 

Thank you so so much for sharing images of your special day with us and to your incredible photographer Melia Melia Photography for your beautiful images. 

December 14, 2017

Our Real Bride Sarah wearing our Two Tier Saria Veil with a Beautiful Bespoke Watters Gracia Skirt and Bodice from Catherine Deane Darla

There is something special about every brides wedding day, whether it's the little details they place throughout their day, a little secret to the decorations between her and her husband/wife! or the beautiful details that have gone into everyone's outfits in the bridal party.

I am really excited to share with you our real bride Sarah. She looked incredible with a Watters Gracia skirt customised to add a beautiful blue silk lining, a lovely bodice from Catherine Deane Darla and a gorgeous bespoke lace cropped top made especially for Sarah by Agape Bridal. I absolutely love the affect of the delicate lace with her blue silk and soft net skirt! She finished her look with our fingertip length two tier cut edge Saria wedding veil! A perfect bridal look and an incredible way to add your something blue! 

 Sarah's Memorable Moments:
  • Walking down the aisle with my Dad towards a relaxed, smiling Mark to a string quartet version of Kanye West 'All of the Lights' was the best start to a wonderful ceremony- by far our favourite part of the whole day.  
  • Being told by the photographers to stop talking to each other so much when they were trying to take the photos- we were too excited following the ceremony and couldn't stop!
  • We've been together since we were 16 and a lot of people have said it was a long time coming (mostly my mum and sister) so during his speech Mark made reference to this by saying exactly how long we'd been together...13 years 7 months and 24 days!!
  • Bob Marley- He's Not Perfect read by my brother-in-law Alex who was the perfect person to read it- with his comedy timing pausing after 'he's not perfect' to make sure he got his laughs!
“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect.
But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can.
He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break.
Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give.
Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there.
Love hard when there is love to be had.
Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.”


 Thank you so much for sharing these little details and photos of your wedding day, I absolutely love the reading! Thank you to SMH Photography for your beautiful photographs. 


    December 12, 2017

    Our Real Bride Angela wearing our Niacae veil with a Beautiful Lace Bodice Dress by Caroline Castigliano

    There is something so beautifully classic about our single tier cut edge Niacae wedding veil with how it suits so many bridal styles. 

    Our real bride Angela was an absolutely beautiful bride on her wedding day! Wearing a gorgeous Caroline Castigliano dress with an intricate lace bodice with an incredible full skirt! She finished off her look perfectly with our single tier cut edge Niacae wedding veil in ivory and floor length. It's clever design blends in perfectly with the beautiful skirt on her wedding dress. 

    I am absolutely in love with Angela's something blue! She completed the tradition with a gorgeous pair of blue satin Hangisi heels by Manolo Blahnik! They are beautiful and the perfect pop of blue during her special day. 

    Thank you so much Angela for sharing images of your wedding day with us and to Giorgia Gonzo Photography for your incredible pictures. 

    December 09, 2017

    Our Real Bride Lauren wearing our Isabella Veil with a Fitted Vicenta Dress from Pronovias

    We were wowed by the beautiful images of our real bride Lauren sent over of her beautiful wedding day! 

    Her Vicenta wedding dress by Pronovias was an incredible show stopper with its dramatic cathedral length train which suited the gorgeous church where they said their vows perfectly! She finished her bridal look with our single tier cut edge silk style Isabella wedding veil in a cathedral length to blend in with her dress seamlessly. 

    Lauren's memorable moment

    "In addition to the FOB, Groom and Best Man speech my maid of honour also gave a beautiful speech – it was great to hear a female voice and have a point of view to the traditional speeches."

    "Fireworks were incredible and the perfect end to the perfect day"

    "One of my favourite moments was at the end of the church service and we were introduced as husband and wife – everyone was so happy, as were we, and it was a beautiful moment to see everyone smiling and cheering for us."  

    "Another favourite moment – our conga and limbo on the dance floor (quite late in the evening!). I say a party isn’t a real party without a conga."


    Thank you so much Lauren for sharing these special moments with us and to Dan Sakal from D&A Photography.

    December 07, 2017

    Our Real Bride Sabrina wearing a Bespoke Ella Veil with a Beautifully Fitted Dress by Andrea Bambridge

    We were very excited to receive images of our real bride Sabrina's wedding day. 

    It looked absolutely picturesque in the gorgeous location of The Orangery in Settrington Estate in North Yorkshire. They found this to be the perfect location to incorporate both Sabrina and Nicks cultures, bringing in the Yorkshire rose for Nick's Yorkshire heritage and Olive stems and branches for Sabrina's French Moroccan heritage. The theme is absolutely beautiful and perfect. 

    Sabrina looked incredible in her wedding dress from Andrea Bambridge with a beautiful lace jacket by Once Upon a Dress which looked like it was made for Sabrina in mind! She finished off her gorgeous wedding look with a bespoke two tier cut edge silk style Ella veil with an extra long blusher and it suits her perfectly!

    Sabrina's memorable moment

    "When Nick and I were carried by Friends and Family in traditional Moroccan chairs and clothing!"

    Thank you so much Sabrina for sharing images of your amazing day with us and to your incredible photographer Nic Barella from Pure Aperture UK

    December 02, 2017

    Our Real Bride Laura wearing our Isabella Veil, Clem Earrings and Avani vine with a Full Tulle A-line Dress by La Sposa

    I don't know about you but I absolutely love seasonal wedding themes and there is something so beautiful about the deep reds, oranges and yellows of an autumnal wedding day. 

    As long as the sun is shining the season is always on your side in every picture taken on your big day! Our real bride Laura took advantage of these beautiful opportunities of their Autumn Woodland themed wedding in a beautiful south farm in early November. 

    Laura looked absolutely incredible on her wedding day wearing a tulle a-line dress from La Sposa and finished off her look with our floor length single tier cut edge silk style wedding veil Isabella, gold, pearl and crystal Clem drop earrings, mini gold leaf wedding hair vine Avani and a bespoke gold leaf, green crystal and pearl bracelet. 

    "I can't thank you enough for inspiring me with your products. I failed to find anywhere else where I could get exactly what I wanted at the right price and with the right look. My veil in particular I was thrilled to find. It was soft and silky and so light and comfortable to wear. It feels like such a shame that I can't wear it again."

    It looks like Laura and her husband had the best day celebrating with their family and friends! 

    Laura's Memorable moments

    "Standing with my Dad waiting to walk into the ceremony and hearing the first bars Andre Rieu's version of Can't Help Falling in Love strike up. At this moment I felt a huge surge of emotion and had to bite my lip hard to stop myself from crying."

    "my Dad's speech. This time I did cry because it was so touching and honest and I didn't realise just how well he knew me. Both my strengths and weaknesses."

    Thank you so much for sharing images of your special day with us and to Photography by Bea for your beautiful pictures. 

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