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Wedding Hair Accessories

Choose from our range of beautiful handmade wedding hair accessories from our unique collection. We have a wide range of elegant hair accessories that will complete your bridal look!

“If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our wedding hair multipieces – a selection of 2-3 matching Britten hair accessories that can be worn together.” Sarah Jane X

More Info on Bridal Hair Accessories

Your chosen bridal hair accessory should ideally be a reflection of your personality and even the wedding theme in general. They should work in harmony with your dress and the rest of your bridal outfit to be the icing on the cake of your look!

It also needs to fit with your chosen hairstyle, so consider how you would like to wear your hair and how an accessory can fit with that.

You can even alter your hair accessories to freshen up your look during the different parts of the wedding; this is a wonderful way to signify a change in tone between the ceremony and reception for example.

If you are unsure of exactly how to choose, take a look at our wedding accessory guide which uses our experience working in the industry to give some useful tips and advice to brides.

Buy Bridal Headpieces, Handmade in England

All of these pieces can be paired with our other bridal accessories such as our selection of veils and jewellery.

All our bridal hair accessories, like the rest of our bridal hair accessories are handmade by the Britten Weddings team in our ancient studio in the South West of England and delivered to brides around the world.

We understand that choosing the right accessory can be difficult, so please feel free to contact the Britten team today with any questions.