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Hair combs for short hair

Many brides decide soon after they get engaged that they need to start growing their hair for the wedding thinking that the longer their hair is the more they can do with it. In some ways this is very true, you do have a bigger variety of options to choose from however, if your hair is too long it can sometimes be a bit tricky to style and, if you're not used to wearing it up, it can sometimes give you a bit of a headache. So, if you're used to wearing short hair and don't particularly want to change this style for the wedding, then don't worry- we've got some beautiful hair combs for short hair! These combs will make you feel just as elegant as brides with elaborate up dos!

hair combs for short hair

Hair combs for short hair need to be much smaller in length and lighter in weight in order for them to stay in place all day. Even with extensive backcombing and hair spray, if a hair comb doesn't have enough to grip onto it will slide out. We've recently added to our collection of bridal hair combs on our website, so there's a wonderful new range of boho and Art Deco combs to choose from that are much smaller size. Don't feel that you need to give up on a certain style simply because you think the comb won't stay in your hair. Smaller options are always available! 

hair combs for short hair

The crystal embellishemtns use in our hair combs are all wonderfully light however if you're unsure about the weight of them, an even lighter alternative option would be to choose a hair comb that has silk flower embellishments. These combs are so light you will most likely forget they're even in your hair. 

hair combs for short hair

We love to meet brides in our boutique, so if you'd like to come in an try these hair combs on or have something bespoke made for you, then don't hesitate to contact us to make an appointment. We'll be more than happy to chat through the options with you!

hair combs for short hair