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Hair comb to the side

When it comes to choosing an accessory to wear in your hair on your wedding day, one thing that you might want to seriously consider is the position of the accessory -you really want it to be in a position where is will be visible the majority of the time.

hair comb to the side

Now, you might think that the perfect place for your hair piece is on the back of your head, but we'd ask you to reconsider! The only time the back of your head is going to be prominently visible is when you're walking down the aisle, and again, your accessory will only be really visible if you're not wearing a veil. So, our advice would be to wear you hair accessory, whether it is a hair pin or hair comb to the side of your head

hair comb to the side

If you do decide to wear a hair comb to the side, this accessory will be visible during all the big moments of the ceremony for example, the vows and the first kiss. Your head will be turned to the side, allowing your guests to see something sparkling away in your hair. This will also apply during your photographs, and even during your wedding breakfast. There are not many moments during the day where guests will be directly behind the bride, so wearing the accessory to the side really does make sense. 

However, this advice is mainly directed towards accessories that are on the smaller scale. If your hair accessory is quite large as shown in the image below, and it wraps around the side head then you needn't worry about it being missed. Something big and dramatic like this will undoubtedly catch the attention of your guests no matter where it is placed in your hairstyle. 

 Here at the Britten boutique, we would be more than happy to discuss any questions you might have about our hair combs and styles that you might be considering to wear on your big day. Why not make an appointment to see the size and try on different hair combs to get a feel of what might look great with your wedding gown.