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5 Unique Wedding Jewellery Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

5 Unique Wedding Jewellery Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Traditional wedding jewellery can be understated, chic but can also not feel quite like its a reflection of you. If you’re looking for something that feels a bit more like you or are hoping to make a statement then here are our top 5 unique jewellery ideas. 



Starting with a piece that ties together the traditional and the non-traditional we have the River head chain. Made with tiny beads, cut glass crystals and more traditional pearls this piece gives a really subtle hint of boho to your look without stepping too far out of the box. This piece looks really beautiful with a variety of hair styles too, from beachy waves to a sleek low bun.

strings of beads and pearls draped over the head of a blonde white woman. All tied to a central crystal piece


Next we’re looking at earrings. The Ariadne are a pair of 6cm wide hoops lovingly adorned in mother of pearl flowers and crystals. These gold or silver earrings bring the drama and draw the eye up to your face, perfect for spicing up a plain dress or just reminding everyone where the focus aut to be. 

Gold hoops adorned with mother of pearl flowers and crystals


Back to headwear for a moment. New for our 2023 collection we have the Raya. This flower bud crown may be cheeky to include in a jewellery article but its unique character meant it had to have a mention. Hand made buds are sculped onto wire which is then twisted and moulded to give an ethereal statement. Pieces like this are growing in popularity but still air on the side of non-traditional. This piece would also look really impactful in colour if you wanted to go even more non-traditional. I’m thinking deep green or scarlet buds with the gold wire!

A white woman looks into the distance with a gold crown of white buds on her head


Also new for 2023 are our Estrella crystal star hair pins. These dainty shooting stars are hand wired using gold or silver plated wire. Once burried in a bun, tucked behind an ear or nestled in the back of a half up half down do the wire is practically unnoticable just give the stars their platform to shine on.

The back of a womans head with soft brown curls. In her hair there is a gold and crystal hair pin

Lastly we must shout out our bespoke services! We love creating non-traditional pieces and once you get us brainstorming the sky really is the limit. We often create bespoke veils with embroidery and elaborate stitching or motifs but our bespoke jewellery and beading isnt always as taken advantage of as it should be! We’ve added colour to traditional pieces giving them a whole new lease of life, used delicate wire to weave all sorts of shapes and added to family heirlooms. We’re on our emails all the time or available over the phone if you'd rather chat through your ideas.


a pearl and gold wrist cuff with intricate wire pieces
Large crystal hair band with green beading around the outside