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A soft delicate nude lace garter!

Have you decided on whether you're going to wear a wedding garter or not on your big day? We think it's a fabulous tradition that's been part of weddings for so many decades, and we're not just saying that because our sister company The Wedding Garter Co. makes some wonderful little garters, but because a wedding day should be about family, friends, love and passing on bits of history from one generation to the next. A garter can be this little bit of history, a family heirloom to be passed from one bride to the next. How great would it be if there were stories attached to this garter, a way of remembering a snippet of your great-grandmothers magical wedding day that you can pass on to your daughter!

vintage lace wedding garter

Our sister company The Wedding Garter Co. does indeed make some exceptionally pretty garters, and one of favourites at the moment has to be this nude lace wedding garter they call 'Ella'. The colour of this lace gives the garter an overall vintage feel. Can you imagine how antique it would look in three generations time? The lace is so soft and delicate making it an absolute dream to wear, and because  of it's light and airy nature, you'll probably even forget your wearing it! This garter is then finished off with a trio of champagne coloured glass pearls. 

If you love the look of this garter, but not sure if the colour of it matches you gown or wedding theme, Ella is also available in a very pretty traditional ivory colour.