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How do I choose a Wedding Headpiece?

There are many options when it comes to choosing a wedding headpiece. It all comes down to your style and what you wish to create. As we always say when it comes to choosing accessories, the dress comes first. The accessories can enhance the look you are going for. Knowing you and your husband’s overall theme will help.

You may be hoping to create a bohemian paradise, or elegant romance, maybe fun loving and brightly coloured, or a rustic scene. This creating of a scene can help with the ideas you have for your bridal look. If you are hoping for a boho look then you may be thinking beach waved hair with a headpiece full of flowers in bloom or a simple headband of pearls to complete your look.



Perhaps the dream is a rustic scene, with warming colours and a natural ambiance. You may want your hair in a messy bun, this style would really suit gypsophila style pins, leaf design vines or even a fuller untamed style hairpiece with goldy tones. 


Maybe traditional romance is your theme, with crisp white, blush flowers and elegance. You may be thinking big bows, flora hair pieces, and grand veils. There are some beautiful full headpieces that can cover the top of a veil, so the veil can cascade down creating a flawless look.


Choose your hairstyle for the wedding before you decide on accessories. How you have your hair for the big day will help when it comes to choosing your hair accessories. You may want your hair down for the big day, so small hair pins may not hold well in your hair, perhaps a delicate halo will give you a carefree style you are looking for. You may have short hair so a fascinator or a bridal headband can complete the look. If you decide to go with a fuller hairstyle you will want accessories that won't get lost within your updo. Statement pieces may work better or a vine to interweave throughout your hair. It is always good to talk with your hair stylist about positioning your headpiece, as different angles can change the look of your accessories.


The colour of your accessories is also important. If your dress has lots of embellishments you want the accessories to compliment this. For example gold compliments warmer shades of Ivory and silver will compliment the cooler colours closer to white.


Remember if you are stuck for ideas, there is loads of inspiration to be found on pinterest and other platforms. You can build a portfolio of ideas and pull them together to create your own bespoke designs.