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How to Measure for Your Perfect Garter

When planning your wedding there are lots of things to keep your brain whirling away to make sure everything is perfect for you on your big day. 

Finding the perfect accessories can almost be more difficult than finding THE dress! but don't worry because they will all be there for you when you start looking :)

Finding the perfect garter is easier than you think! There is no rule on the garter you choose, if you want it to be part of your something blue or something with a little sparkle then we will have the right design for you. 

Measuring a garter

Now measuring for the perfect garter can be tricky but not if you follow our steps below. 

1. Take a soft tape measure, alternatively if you don't have one you will be able to use a piece or string or cotton to place around your leg. Make sure that if you are using an alternative that is has no elasticity or stretch to it. 

2. Choose your preferred garter leg, there is no rule on which leg to wear your garter but some like to wear it on the left due to your heart to be on the left. 

3. Measure your leg, we recommend measuring roughly 5 inches above your knee whilst standing up. When measuring you don't want it to be tight, you want it flush on your skin creating no indent whilst standing. 

This should give you the perfect measurement :) If you find you are unsure on the size or you fall in the middle of our standard sizes, please get in touch and we will be able to look into creating a custom size for you :) 

Our standard sizes are below. 

Extra Small: 35-40cm (13.5-16in)

Small: 40-50cm (16-20in)

Medium: 50-60cm (20-23.5in)

Large: 60-70cm (23.5-27.5in)

Extra Large: 70-80cm (27.5-31.5in)

Please feel free to browse our full collection of garters today, or contact our friendly team for more information!