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How to Secure Bridal Hair Combs and Hair Pins

We have had many brides ask us the best way to secure bridal hair combs and pins, so we thought we would share a few of our nifty tricks! 

Hair pinstend to work best with a hair up do, however if you want to add a touch of sparkle to your hair whilst wearing it down you will need a bit of extra security.

There are a few ways to give this, one of the most simple ways is to lift a section of the hair where you want the pin to sit and lightly back brush the hair. Drop the top layer of the hair and carefully slide the pin in, this should grip perfectly to the back combed hair and hold all day and evening on your special day!

Another great way to secure hair pins and combs, if you don't feel comfortable back combing your hair, is to lift the top layer of hair and just below where you want the hair comb to sit secure two kirby grips in an x shape. Drop the top layer of hair and secure the comb or pin in the x shape - it is a good idea to use kirby grips that match your hair colour!

For brides with short hair it is always a little more tricky to get the hair pieces to hold in place. A clever way to ensure your pins/comb don't slide out is to lift the top layer of hair and secure tiny ponytails with mini elastic bands. Drop the top layer of hair back down and secure the comb or pin into the hidden ponytails. This is such a quick and easy trick!


Happy pinning! x

>>Britten Weddings offer a wide selection of bridal hair accessories for your big day including hair vines, hair pins and bridal hair chains!