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Matthew Oliver- Wedding and Event Planner

“Perfectionist, wholeheartedly dedicated and enthusiastic” - just a few of many kinds words from clients describing Matthew Oliver, a luxury wedding planner. With seven years experience his passion for weddings is clearly visible through his extensive portfolio of magazine and blog features. Matthew has many exciting international weddings coming up this next year that will undoubtedly be a delight for the eyes!

Here’s a few words from Matthew himself:

I love getting to know each of my couples personally so I can create their wedding based on their likes and style. I always say a wedding is based on the couples personality!

I love watching the wedding come to life throughout the process and being honest with each of them, to say this works and this doesn't work.

I've been incredibly lucky through my career as I started in Greece, and now not only do I create weddings around the UK, I also specialise in destination ones too.  I was in Morocco this June and currently planning a wedding in Ravello, Italy and in Cyprus, Greece next year.

I'm incredibly versatile- each wedding design is completely different from the other.  I adore the design process, creating mood boards, sourcing props and setting it all up on the day, even if it takes a very long time because I'm a perfectionist.

I believe soon that couples in the UK will be using planners more like couples in the USA. We create their wedding dreams by working with them, supporting them, negotiating with suppliers on their behalf, try to save them money, and keep them calm throughout the process and specifically on the big day. Couples often become cherished friends!

Wedding Planner Bradford on Avon

A few fun facts about me....

-7 years planning weddings.

-Oliver is not my name- I made it up!

-Wearing bow ties is my signature.

-Also my red hunters are a signature for marquee weddings (though I forgot to change into my smart shoes before a wedding once, and went to the Church wearing my wellies).

-I'm a strong believer in a large flower budget.

-I'm like a wedding wikipedia- well I like to think I am.

-I love animals to the point that when I step on a snail I shout out in pain.

-David Attenborough, is my idol, and the reason why I love animals.

-I love, love, love female rap

-I'm just a normal guy ;-)

Wedding planner Bradford on Avon

As Tara, one of Matthew's past brides said, "Every girl should have a 'Fronc'* on her wedding day...", and we couldn't agree more. What better way to have the wedding of your dreams- working with a planner who is wholehearted dedicated to creating a unique and memorable day just for you!



Facebook: Matthew Oliver Weddings

Twitter: @MOliverWeddings

Instagram: matthew_oliver_weddings

Wedding Planner Bradford on Avon

Wedding Planner Bradford on Avon

*'Fronc' - a wedding planner from the movie Father of The Bride. A really sweet movie that every bride-to-be should watch! x