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Real Bride | Augusta Jones Gown | Silk Style Barely There Wedding Veil Ilona | Wedding Hair Comb With Floral Crystals Titania

Our beautiful real bride Katie was married on July 31st 2021 outside at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Despite all hope of a dry day, the English weather prevailed and caused no end of disruption to an open-air ceremony! Their blustery but beautiful day was photographed by the talented Julia West, who helped turn clouds into the most perfect backdrop for our couple. 

Britten weddings real bride Katie 5


Katie wore an Augusta Jones dress with Rachel Simpson shoes. The lace back to her dress was shown off beautifully with her choice of the delicate barely there silk styleIlona’ veil in off-white. During the ceremony there were several moments of hilarity that will be looked upon fondly by guests and bridal party alike, including the veil getting caught on a rough stone step and a slight technical difficulty with the music. After the ceremony, the rain came lashing down once again. While rushing back to find cover, onlookers to the gardens kindly gave the couple a sunflower umbrella, a lovely gesture and something which resulted in the most stunning photograph.

Britten weddings Real Bride Katie 1

Moving on to Katie’s father’s house for the reception, this also called for a change in hair style! The move from an up-do to a loose half up half down was created by Lynsey-Marie at Isle of Wight Beauty and showed off our Silver Plated crystal ‘Titania’ hair comb beautifully. 

Britten weddings Titania comb real bride


The couple learned how to ballroom dance for their first song. Feeling queasy with nerves, the couple began their first dance as a married couple. The song, “Can you feel the love tonight” from the Lion King, a sweet ode to Groom Laurance’s introduction to musicals, was danced to most elegantly, including a lift where Katie said she only slightly knocked the decorations! 

Britten weddings real bride Katie 2


Covid played a key part in Katie and Laurence’s wedding. Loved ones were unable to attend for fear of exposure as well as family members not able to travel from overseas. The disappointment after planning for so long to only have a few of your guests be able to attend is so understandable, and sadly, something many brides can relate to over the past two years. The perseverance involved in being able to even have a wedding during these unprecedented times puts our new couple in good stead for a long and happy life together! 

Britten weddings Real bride Katie 3


Regarding ‘picture perfect’ weddings within hard times, Katie said something so poignant we thought is worth quoting

 “I think there’s so much pressure, particularly nowadays with Instagram, to have a “perfect” day. No bride can really compete. There is always better. But my husband said to me, ‘no it wasn’t perfect, no it wasn’t the happiest day, but it was one of the most special days of our lives.’And that’s just the perfect word for it. Special.”

Britten weddings Real Bride Katie 4


  Katie and Laurence’s day was filled with love and smiles, tougher bits masked by a family all pulling together to help create a day that this new couple will never forget.