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Real Bride | Madison James Gown | Gold Pearl Back Drop Necklace Lariat 'Charlotte'

Stephanie and Patrick's intimate wedding took place in January of 2021. The timing made it difficult to include all the people they would have liked due to covid restrictions but it was made truly special by Stephanie's late father being there and able to walk her down the aisle.

stephanie in flower crown looking into distance


The couples journey to the alter was as stressful one, falling ill with covid two weeks before the day. Stephanie was so unwell from it that her dress no longer fit and had to be altered, as well as other important appointments being missed. With covid restrictions being so strict the couple had already missed out on so many of the run up to wedding parts that they wondered if the day would even go ahead. 

Patrick lifting stephanie up and kissing in the moorlands


Devastated by the news of her father cancer spreading, dramatically reducing his life expectancy, Stephanie powered on, knowing thats what he would want. 

black and white image of the couple


Friends who were unable to be present watched the wedding live on youtube while the small party of 10 in person carried on. In Stephanies words “I had the sweetest pleasure and joy of having my father walk me down the aisle. And our family and friends were able to participate either in person or from afar.”

Patrick holds the train of Stephanies dress in the moorlands


After the ceremony the party moved on to a local restaurant, Brix and Mortar, in Vancover. The couple wore their wedding attire adn had people fighting over who paid for their meals!

Stephanie said “I was truly overcome with many emotions that someone dare to love us this much. We felt so loved and taken care of.

My father recently passed away, but his amazingly beautiful legacy will hopefully live on through my life.”

Stephanie and her father walk down the aisle


Thank you so much to Stephanie and Patrick not only for gracing us with your custom but for sharing such an intimate tale of a wedding day. We wish you the best of luck in your future ventures together.

Close up of Stephanie

Stephanie wore a Charlotte necklace from Britten weddings. We were so happy to be able to provide a finishing touch to her outfit and even more grateful to see how beautifully she wore it. 

Photography byJulius Mangoba