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The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Bridal Veils

When choosing a wedding veil it can feel quite daunting with all the many options. The questions you may ask yourself, ‘Do I want a veil’? ‘Should I go for a traditional look or do I want to have a more modern look and go for something different?’ ‘Do I want the veil to be a compliment or a feature piece?. ‘How long do I want the veil’?

Let’s start with the basics.

Choose your dress first. Lets face it, it's all about the dress! Once you know the style that makes you feel like a bride then you can start looking at accessories. When choosing your veil the first thing you should ask yourself is what style would you like? Do you want some volume, or just a hint of a veil? Maybe a blusher that falls over the face. You want to visualize where the veil will end and how much of the dress will be covered by the veil. For example if you choose a single tier veil the gather on the comb will cover any detail near the top of the dress. How important is this to you?

Start to think about the length. Would you like the veil longer than the dress to give a dramatic effect? Or do you want the veil to blend into the dress? Perhaps something short that you can wear all day without getting in the way? Once you know the length then you can start to consider the fabrics and colour.

With the vast shades of Ivory and white it is always recommended to buy samples before buying. This will give you a better idea of which tulle will match best and which colour. Different tulles have a different structure, feel, and even density in their weave meaning they may not be as seethrough and this may affect the colour. It is very important to get the perfect match because if the veil is a slightly different shade it can make the dress look off colour, not the best option for the big day.

If you are undecided on a veil and you just don't know if it is for you, then there are many other beautiful headpieces that will give you the wow factor. Ranging from delicate vines that you can interweave in your hair, to grand headwear to finish the look. Even some fresh flowers placed in the hair can be a beautiful finishing touch.

When choosing a veil you want to consider how heavy the veil will be as this may affect how long you want to wear the veil for. If you decide to go with a fully embellished veil then this may not be a full day attire and maybe just for the ceremony.

Don’t forget to take your veil to your hair trial where possible as this will help with placement and for you to visualize how the whole look comes together. This also gives the hairstylist an idea of what will be required on the day, and no hidden surprises.

Remember it’s your day and you can be as bold or as traditional as you like, as long as you feel incredible and the overall look makes you happy, that is all that matters, veil or not. Just remember to enjoy every minute of your big day. For more information check out our Ultimate veil guide