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Top Bridal Hair Accessory Trends for 2023

The Bridal look, where do you start? More often than not it starts with the dress. Many brides have had an image in their head of 'the one' for as long as they can remember.  The dress usually dictates what choices the bride then makes to complete their look.  What comes next for you? Shoes? Veil? Jewellery? Hair accessories? In what order do you place them?
This year has seen a reimaging of the Bridal look. We are seeing more brides opting for a simpler dress which creates almost a blank canvas to add the perfect accessory pieces to. The choices then become limitless and the final look becomes more personal, unique and original.
The trends we are seeing in 2023 for hair accessories are certainly providing the wow factor and it is really exciting to see what brides are opting for. Check out our list below of hair accessory trends that are leading the way this year and beyond!


Pearls started becoming really popular in 2022. That trend has continued for 2023 and looks set to be here for 2024. We have seen a huge response to our range of pearl veils and hair accessories this year. The Dottie pearl hair pins in the image above are so versatile and can be placed anywhere in your hair and look stunning framing a bun.


All things that glitter will definitely be a must have for many brides this year. American model Sofia Richie wore a stunning veil that shimmered beautifully for her wedding day and we have had so much interest in our range of crystal scattered veils and hair pins like our Etta pins above. The crystals catch the light and make your whole look just magical! Each crystal is delicately hand twisted on to gold or silver wire. 

Personalised scarves and bows

Personalising your bridal look is such a perfect way of making your look all about you and your partner. Our Wren scarf is a beautiful and subtle way of incorporating bespoke embroidery that has meaning to you. From initials and date to flowers and a quote, this piece is gorgeous. Wren is a wonderful new addition to our bespoke range which includes veils and gloves!



Headbands are so easy to wear and look beautiful! The headbands in our range have such stunning detail that they really stand out on their own. You may find that a veil is not even needed! Have a look at Bloom, our hand cut and hand sewn silk flower headband or our Nicole which is simply pearl heaven!


Statement crowns



Just like the headbands, crowns are perfect on their own or with a veil. They really do give a regal vibe to any bridal look. Raya and Harper are brand new for this year and each tiny bud is handmade by us. 



We see some trends come and go from year to year but this year's trends definitely have that timeless appeal and look set to be classics that will be here for some time to come.

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