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Can You Wear a Veil Under Your Hair?


Once you've made up your mind to wear a wedding veil on your big day, you'll also need to to decide on a hairstyle to suit your wedding gown. And then, once you've made up your mind, you'll need decide on how you're going to style your veil with your hair. Phew!  So, when it comes to it, and you feel like breaking with tradition a little and mixing things up a bit, you might want to know the answer to the question 'can you wear a veil under your hair?'

can you wear a veil under your hair

So, Can You Wear a Veil Under Your Hair?

Most wedding veils are worn over the hair in various ways depending on the style of the veil, however, if you don't want to cover your bridal hairstylist's hard work you might want to consider wearing your wedding veil under your hair. 

Wearing your bridal veil under your hair adds a slightly more contemporary twist to your bridal look, and with the right veil, helps to incorporate sophisticated clean lines to your silhouette adding length and an extra touch of elegance. 

can you wear a veil under your hair

Choosing a hairstyle to wear your wedding veil under your hair

If your heart is set on having your hair styled into an updo on your wedding, you might want to consider having: 

a high bun with veil underneath 

Opting for a mid to high updo will add height to your look, and allow for a greater drop for your 'under hair' veil. You might want to consider a simple bun or perhaps a more structured style with braids, twists or curls.  

a veil under low bun 

This look works well with both smooth and chic chignons or loose and messy low buns, so wearing a veil under your hair can work for both a classic bridal look or a more alternative finish. 

a veil under half up half down hairstyle

Half up half down bridal hairstyles lend themselves beautifully to wearing a veil underneath the top section of hair. The veil falls from twists, braids, or a bun, blending and moving with the flow of hair in the lower section for a romantic bohemian look. 

hair down with veil underneath

Wearing a veil under hair down styles isn't recommended, as it's not likely to benefit either your hair or your veil in the style or comfort stakes. 

can you wear a veil under your hair

If you're undecided about wedding veils above or below the bun, why not try recreating the look yourself at home and experiment with positioning your veil or book a hair trial and take your veil along to the salon to try different placements? 

How To Attach a Veil Under a Bun

Wearing your wedding veil under a bun or updo, it will most likely be attached to the updo with a comb or pins, fixed within the hairstyle or under the bun, to allow the veil fabric to drop from the updo.  

can you wear a veil under your hair

It's best to give this a try before your wedding day to see how comfortable you feel, and how easy it is to remove your veil for the evening celebrations (if you're planning to do so). 

Having a veil under a bun or updo also gives you more opportunities to layer your bridal look with wedding hair accessories like decorative bridal haircombs, bridal hair pins, or wedding hairvines. 

can you wear a veil under your hair

Check out the stunning collection of wedding veils at Britten Weddings, and contact the team to find out which veil fabric or length would work best for your bridal look if you decide to wear a veil under your hair on your big day. 

Images by Ian Southworth at Peartree Pictures and Simon Biffen

can you wear a veil under your hair