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How to Add Colour to Your Bridal Outfit


A flash. A zing. A splash. Whatever you want to call it, knowing how to add colour to your bridal outfit is a great way to add interesting detail to traditional wedding looks that goes beyond the expected 'something blue'. 

A growing trend for modern brides, adding colour to a wedding outfit is a striking way to personalise your look to suit your individual tastes and reflect your personality whilst still following the latest bridal trends. 

Contemporary brides who want to give the traditional bridal look a modern update can do so with multi-tonal modern wedding gowns and bridal separates or by getting creative with colourful bridal headpieces and wedding accessories.  

How to Add Colour to Your Bridal Outfit

From bold statement colours to subtle transitions in hue, there are lots of different ways to add a little, or a lot of, colour to your bridal outfit.

We've put together some of our Britten Weddings favourites here:

Colour-Pop Bridal Jewellery 

Wedding jewellery is a glamorous way to add a hint of colour as well as a bit of sparkle, with the flexibility of continuing the theme from earrings to necklace to bracelet, as well as choosing between shades of gold, silver, and rose gold metals.

Perfect for brides who want just a suggestion of colour, accessorise your look with our green, opal and gold semi precious earrings - 'Brynn' with matching bracelet, or take the traditional route with the silver wedding earrings of blue opal and freshwater pearl - 'Addie' as your 'something blue'. 

Green, opal and gold semi precious earrings - 'Brynn' | Britten Weddings

 Silver wedding earrings of blue opal and freshwater pearl - 'Addie' Silver wedding earrings of blue opal and freshwater pearl - 'Addie'    Silver wedding earrings of blue opal and freshwater pearl - 'Addie' | Britten Weddings

Many Shades of Veil

A traditional white or ivory wedding veil is the perfect partner for a colourful wedding outfit, providing a contrasting backdrop that can either enhance or tone down the overall impact of a non-traditional wedding dress as desired. 

A wedding veil is also another opportunity to incorporate a subtle variation in hues to help break up or brighten a bridal look, like the blush pink single tier lace edge wedding veil - 'Juana' or the champagne finish of the single tier cut edge wedding veil - 'Niacae'.

Or, consider adding personalised embroidery to your veil as a bespoke option that allows you to add just a touch of colour without veering too far from tradition. 

Blush pink single tier lace edge wedding veil - 'Juana' | Britten Weddings

Colourful Bridal Headpieces 

Whether you're a modern bride or a bride inspired by vintage details, let the colours go to your head, using wedding hair accessories to display your personality.

Choose an ornate hair vine, wedding headband, or bridal hair comb embellished with colourful gemstones or flowers and team them with your favourite precious metal shade.  You can subtly introduce a beautiful selection of tones and textures, like the blue opal and white opal floral wedding hair vine- 'June' or the floral pinks and pastels of the flower wedding hair comb - 'Rose', to your wedding hairstyle for a stunning effect. 

Blue opal and white opal floral wedding hair vine- 'June' | Britten Weddings Flower wedding hair comb - 'Rose' | Britten Weddings

Beautiful Bridal Belts 

Draw the eye to your waist with an elegant bridal belt, and add a touch of colour with ribbon detailing.

Try adding a tonal belt to your bridal outfit for continuity with the colours worn by your bridal party or those of your wedding flowers. And beautiful belts, like the shimmering gold flower wedding belt - 'Caris' or the iridescent sparkle of the opal and crystal wedding belt on 'something blue' ribbon - 'Hazel',can also help to transform the simplicity of a minimalist dress design if needed. 

Opal and crystal wedding belt on 'something blue' ribbon - 'Hazel' | Britten Weddings

Gold flower wedding belt - 'Caris' | Britten Weddings

A Rainbow of Bridal Shoes 

Bridal shoes are a fantastic way of adding colour to reflect your style, with many brides opting to find the perfect pair of designer shoes in their preferred palette.

From bold and bright flashes of court shoe from beneath a wedding skirt to muted metallics sandals on display throughout the wedding, modern brides have so many combinations to choose from to suit all tastes. 

Adding bridal shoe clipsto a pair of colourful shoes is a fantastic way to transform a pair of 'everyday' shoes into wedding ones, with the option of reverting back and wearing again after the wedding day. 

Opal wedding shoe clips - 'Gwendolyn' | Britten Weddings


If you want to wear wedding white for your ceremony, but still want to add a dash of discreet colour somewhere, a garter is a traditional option. Available in a selection of shades you're sure to find a hue that suits you. 

Tulle wedding garter (various colours) - 'Tallé' | Britten WeddingsEmbellished flower wedding garter (various colours) - 'Primrose' | Britten Weddings

Browse the outstanding selection of colourful bridal accessories at Britten Weddings, and find inspiration for how to add colour to your bridal outfit.