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How to Choose a Bridal Outfit Based on your Skin Tone


You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, that’s why finding the right style and fit of wedding dress is so important. But, if you also learn how to choose a bridal outfit based on your skin tone, you can really make the most of your natural beauty with a wedding dress and bridal accessories that let you shine with just a subtle tweak of fabric.

Choosing the wrong shade of material for your bridal outfit may leave you looking drained, or perhaps more yellowy or ‘too pink’ on your bridal photos, which is something you’ll want to avoid. So, here’s what you need to know to achieve colour palette perfection on your wedding day…

Achieving the Right Undertone

First, you need to identify your skin tone. Your skin tone is shade most obvious to you and other people, with most brides falling within a pale, fair, medium, olive, or dark skin tone category.

Then you’ll want to find your skin’s undertone. Your undertone is what makes the biggest difference in turning a dress from ‘oh that’s nice’ to ‘oh wow!’. Enhancing your overall skin tone, each person has a cool, neutral, or warm undertone which influences which shades of fabric or jewellery will suit you best. You can discover your undertone by looking at the veins in your wrist:

 Blue/purple = cool
Green = warm
I can’t tell = neutral


How To Choose A Bridal Outfit Based On Your Skin Tone

Cool Undertones

What wedding dress colour is best for skin with cool undertones?

When choosing a bridal gown or wedding veil, warm up skin with a cool undertone with a warm yellow or creamy finish, like ivory. Or if you’re looking for a more alternative bridal look, opt for pastel shades like cream or peach that will both flatter and look fantastic.   

Pure soft silk barely there wedding veil- Honor | Britten Weddings

Shades to avoid…

If your skin has a cool undertone, a wedding dress or bridal accessories in bright white shades might not look best on you.

Which metal should I choose for my bridal jewellery?

Cool toned skin looks amazing with silver, platinum, or white gold jewellery.  And, if you’re looking to add some gemstones, pearls would make a great choice. Feel free to experiment with your accessories, but the warmth of a rose gold jewellery is less likely to enhance your overall look when paired with cool skin undertones.

Pearl wedding earrings (different sizes available) - 'Hermi' | Britten Weddings

Warm Undertones

What wedding dress colour is best for skin with warm undertones?

Bright white, pinks, purples, and blues are cold colours that work best with warm undertones. Dusky, smoky shades provide the ideal contrast to complement warm skin tones and are a great opportunity to have some fun injecting a little colour into a traditional bridal look.   

Full lace edged barely there wedding veil - 'Adeline' | Britten Weddings

Shades to avoid…

Choose whatever you feel comfortable in, but yellowy shades may draw the warming tones from your skin leaving you looking a little ‘washed out’.

Which metal should I choose for my bridal jewellery?

Any metal would look great against your skin, but rose goldwill add that extra pop.

Rose gold leaf wedding hair vine - 'Avani' | Britten Weddings

Neutral Undertones 

What wedding dress colour is best for skin with neutral undertones?

Neutral and nude shades look amazing against a neutral skin undertone. Opt for a natural white or grey wedding dress shade, or pick a wedding veil or headpiece with a champagne or blush tone to complete a beautiful bridal outfit that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Blush pink single tier lace edge wedding veil - 'Juana' | Britten Weddings

Shades to avoid…

Pretty much any dress shade will look great on a bride with neutral undertones, so get ready to have your pick of the bunch.

Which metal should I choose for my bridal jewellery?

You have free reign over the metal you choose for your bridal accessory look.  You can pick from white metals and yellow metalsand still look fabulous.  

Gold and ivory floral wedding hair comb vine - 'Aster' | Britten Weddings

Diamonds Truly are a Girl’s Best Friend

And if you’re still unsure which bridal accessories to choose based on your skin tone, go for diamonds or crystals. Classic and timeless, the sparkle and shine of a beautiful cut will suit every bride.

Crystal hair comb; leaf pattern - 'Callia' | Britten Weddings

If you want some extra help with how to choose a bridal outfit based on skin tone you can get expert advice from Britten Weddings, order veil swatch samples - blush, champagne, blue/grey & dot to feel inspired by colour, or make an appointmentto visit our bridal boutique to explore our handmade and bespoke accessory options.