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How to choose the right length and width veil

There's no set rule for how long your veil should be but we do have a few recommendations on what we think looks the best with most dresses. You want your veil to compliment and work well with the proportions of your dress and you definitely don't want it to look like an afterthought! 

Longer dresses

If your dress is floor length or longer then we suggest a veil which is longer than your dress. For example a floor length veil for a floor length dress or a church length veil for a church length dress. You want the veil to be anywhere between 10 and 30cm longer than your dress, if you're going for a lace edge veil or something with a lot of detail around the train then it's good to consider where the lace will be in proportion to the end of your dress. If the veil is too short then you'll loose the detail and if it's too long you might end up with an odd looking gap.

That being said if you are planning on keeping your veil on all day you may decide to go for a shorter length in which case we find a fingertip length works best with most styles of dresses! If the veil is longer than this but shorter than your dress it will sit on your train and bunch up which doesn't look very attractive, you'll loose the effect of the veil and hide any detail you may have on your dress.

Shorter dresses

If you've gone for a shorter dress then generally a shorter veil will suit. For example a tea length gown with an elbow or fingertip length veil looks lovely. If you're going for a 50's style dress then a birdcage or bandeau veil is a lovely alternative to a full veil.

How we measure our veils

We take our veil measurements regardless of if they are a single or two tier from where the comb will sit in your hair. If you go for a two tier veil we always make our blusher length 72cm as standard unless otherwise stated. This length isn't included in the overall veil measurement. Some dress shops do include this length which can get quite confusing! For example we'll always call a church length single tier veil and a church length two tier 250cm long, some dress shops will call this 322cm because they include the blusher measurement, sometimes even if it's only a single tier - even more confusing! We only use the measurement from the comb and we'll always double check with you if you've given us a measurement to work with!

Veil widths

Up until quite recently we made all of our veils a standard width but we have introduced a few varying widths. The majority of the veils in our collection are 182cm wide which we find works really well with most dresses. We now offer a narrow and extra wide option in some of our veils. An extra wide veil is a great way of making a statement if you don't want to add any lace or detail and is wonderful if you have a very full skirt that you want to fan out for photos. You may decide to go for a narrower veil if you want more of a hint of a veil and something more manageable throughout the day


These are only suggestions and the main thing is you wear a veil that you want to wear on the day. It may feel unusual at first but you'll soon forget it's there! If your heart is saying go for a longer length but you're worried you'll feel uncomfortable on the day we say go for it, you only get to wear one once and the most common thing we hear people say that they regret is not wearing a longer veil!