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'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas


Every bride knows the rhyme: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. For contemporary couples, it's a template for getting creative and bringing a uniquely personal touch to your wedding, from aunty’s vintage getaway car to a custom biker jacket for the bride to a cool blue cake.

But where does the custom come from? It's an old English good luck charm that became popular in the Victorian era as a way to ensure the future happiness of the bride-to-be. The 'something old' represents continuity while the 'something new' looks forward to the couple’s bright future together. The 'something borrowed' was traditionally an item from an already happily married bride - a sister, friend or mother.

The 'something blue' has ancient roots - the colour was associated with the Virgin Mary and was traditionally worn because it signified love, purity and fidelity. Remember the old saying 'marry in blue, lover be true'? But blue also protects against the evil eye, keeping the bride safe from harm on her wedding day.

Something Blue Wedding Ideas

Image courtesy of Sophie Stimpson Photography

Finding ‘Something Blue’ For your Wedding

There are endless ways to incorporate every shade of blue into your wedding, from favours of icy green/blue succulents for a winter wedding to delicate pastel blue iced biscuits for an afternoon tea. Aqua pops with fuchsia for effortless boho style, while icy blues are made for glittering winter weddings.

A pale blue wedding colour scheme usually looks stunning, even if it is simply just touches of blue to complement the primary colour scheme. You could easily use the hint of blue throughout your day, a pale blue wedding cake or simply adding a blue table runner to your wedding reception are simple ways to include it!

Blue skies and bluebells make for a gorgeous spring wedding - the delicate flowers are said to symbolise everlasting love. Spritz your bridal room with their gorgeously fresh and subtle scent before you finish your look with a pair of Vine earrings, with the palest blue Swarovski crystals at their centre as a nod to tradition.

Blooms like echinops and delphiniums add an edge to a wedding bouquet and blue hydrangea petals make fabulous and sustainable confetti. Cornflowers are known as Bachelors Buttons and make a perfect posy or buttonhole, and they’re a great way to add a hint of blue to a more traditional colour palette. Enhance the casual, laid-back feel with a delicate floral blue opal June hair vine woven through a carefree up-do - just add some statement blue trainers for running down the aisle!

Prefer to keep it chic? Add a beautifully subtle blue monogram to your veil, then exchange your vows, handwritten on pale blue vellum for an elegant accent.

Something Blue Hair Vine


Something Blue Bridal Style

When it comes to bringing blue into your wedding style, we say you don't have to stick with the traditional standbys. Meghan Markle had a piece of blue fabric from the dress she wore on her first date with Prince Harry stitched into her veil while Olivia Palmero got hitched in a sweater and blue Blahniks.

If you want to put a modern twist on incorporating 'something blue' into your bridal style, then the only limit is your imagination. From a cobalt blue manicure like Beyonce to a temporary blue ‘Mrs’ tattoo, modern brides aren’t afraid to add an unusual 'something blue' when they tie the knot.

Where blue once symbolised fidelity, we now associate it with calmness and serenity. And what better way to incorporate that feeling into your bridal style than with the subtlety of some delicate hand crafted crystal Hermione hair pins?They're a delicate way to add that extra sparkle of 'something blue' if you're keeping it cute and simple - ideal for a beach or barn wedding where they'll reflect the natural blue of the sea and the sky for the perfect summer wedding vibe.

We also love the understated style of a 'something blue' Mollie necklace in silver or gold. If your bridesmaids are your something blue in shades ranging from cute sky blue to ultra chic navy, don’t don't forget to thank them with a 'something blue' Mollie braceletset with seed pearls and blue crystals as a perfect keepsake.


Blue necklace

'Something Blue' Bridal Accessories

For many brides the something blue takes the form of a lace garter. But did you know the tradition is a nod to the bawdy old custom of ripping the bride's dress off because a piece of the fabric was considered good luck?

The garter toss is the modern-day equivalent, though with a garter as pretty as this Sara lace design you'll want to keep it as an heirloom. Add a simpler toss garter for the day itself if you want to incorporate this tradition into your celebrations.

Of course, blue accessories don’t have to be seen for you to know they’re there. Opt for electric blue lingerie or have a blue monogram and the date of your wedding stitched inside your dress. We also love the idea of a less conventional blue-grey veil to make a wedding day statement. Or try these delicate floral hair pins, hand wired to give a beautifully natural look to a slightly messy up-do - perfect for bridesmaids and flower girls, too.

Whether your ‘something blue’ is a prized family heirloom or the perfect pop of our Ida stud earrings, incorporating this chic and versatile colour into your wedding style is the ideal way to bring together the old and the new when you tie the knot.

Blue wedding garter


Have Fun Adding ‘Something Blue’ into your Wedding

Whether it’s through the flowers, table setting or a bridal accessory, incorporating ‘something blue’ into your wedding is a great way to bring that extra bit of tradition mixed with fun into proceedings.

At Britten Weddings we are always considering how to help our beautiful brides, so we have hand crafted a selection of something blue bridal accessories just for such occasions. 

 If you are stuck for ideas, please feel free to contact the Britten Weddings team and we can work on incorporating ‘something blue’ into your bridal outfit.