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Top Ten Veils for the Traditional Bride


Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. The typical UK wedding is surrounded by tradition.  And, ask most people to describe a traditional bride, and it won’t take too long before they mention a wedding veil. So, when choosing bridal accessories, why break with tradition? When the top ten veils for traditional brides look as beautiful as our shortlist, there’s no reason not to choose the quintessential bridal look. 

Long, ivory, and flowing, our top ten veils have a lot in common, but when paired with the perfect wedding dress, the traditional bride can achieve a unique and timeless appearance of her very own with classic bridal veils and accessories from Britten Weddings. 

Feel spoilt for choice with the Top Ten Veils for the Traditional Bride, chosen by the bridal designers at Britten Weddings...

The Drop Veil

Classic elegance, the drop veil is stunning in its simplicity. A single circular layer of delicate tulle, this traditional veil is dropped over the bride’s head, covering the face, and floating over the shoulders and down the back of the bride. Choose a comb or embellished headpiece to hold the drop veil in place, and wait for the perfect moment to reveal your smile on the happiest day of your life. 

Drop wedding veil with polka dot tulle and french eyelash lace trim- 'Amie'

The Lace Motif Veil

Delicate details. Understated glamour. The lace motif veil features ornate applique embellishments that will add interest to low-key bridal looks or will complement lace detailing on a traditional wedding gown. Achieving a bespoke design effect, the beautiful embroidery adds an element of luxury without overt extravagance. 

Lace flower motif train wedding veil - 'Amara'

 The Mantilla Veil

A traditional Spanish wedding veil, the mantilla is characterised by its lace detailing and scalloped edging.  Worn over the head and held in place with a comb, traditional brides can achieve a dreamy romantic look or enhance the appearance of a minimalist wedding dress with the intricacies of a lace design.

Lace mantilla wedding veil - 'Adela'

The Pencil Edge Veil

Simple delicate lines with a subtly detailed finish, the pencil edge veil offers the chance to add some gentle shimmer to lift a traditional bridal look. The single feather light layer falls gently from the crown without creating a distraction from the detail of the bridal gown. 

Simple delicate lines with a subtly detailed finish, the pencil edge veil offers the chance to add some gentle shimmer to lift a traditional bridal look. The single feather light layer falls gently from the crown without creating a distraction from the detail of the bridal gown.

The Polka Dot Tulle Veil

The texture and design of a polka dot tulle veil conjures up images of bygone times, whilst bringing a gentle femininity and softness to suit the traditional bride. With a slightly denser drop, the tulle of the polka dot veil creates lines and structure to enhance the overall bridal look, achieving a timeless perfection. 

Polka dot wedding veil - 'Dot'

The Pure Soft Silk Tulle Veil

There are few fabrics that can convey romance and tradition as well as soft silk tulle. With a barely-there translucency and a flowing drape, the pure soft silk tulle veil is exquisite in understated luxury. Brides looking for a traditional wedding veil won’t go far wrong in choosing the unfailing beauty of this delicate yet steadfast material.   

Pure soft silk barely there wedding veil- Honor

The Silk Style Tulle Veil 

Falling with graceful softness, the silk style tulle veil adds a hint of sophistication to a traditional look. Working beautifully with the clean lines of a minimalist designed dresses, a silk style tulle train is perfectly illuminated in natural light to create a dreamlike halo around the traditional bride to be.

Silk style barely there wedding veil - 'Ilona'

The Single Tier Veil

The single tier veil is lightweight whisper of a veil that partners with traditional wedding gowns without taking centre stage. The fuss-free minimal design of the single tier veil establishes it firmly as a must-have veil for the conventional bride. 

Barely there wedding veil - 'Skylar'

The Traditional Tulle Veil

The lightweight translucence of the traditional tulle veil lends itself to multiple bridal aesthetics, from uber-modern clean lines to floaty ethereal bohemian-chic. It is this versatility that ensures tulle fabric will remain a mainstay of traditional bridal looks for many years to come. 

Single tier cut edge wedding veil - 'Niacae'

The Two Tier Veil 

Here comes the bride. For the ultimate in traditional bridal style, the two-tier veil is the image that most brides will picture in their mind when they first start to plan what they’ll wear on their special day. Adding extra volume to the bridal silhouette, this is the perfect accessory for brides looking for a little luxurious elegance.

Delicate lace edged two tier wedding veil - 'Millie'

Handmade and carefully crafted, the top ten veils for the traditional bride are designed with an attention to detail that will delight brides and wedding guests alike. Choose your favourite veil from a range of stunning wedding veil styles at Britten Weddings. Then select the perfect veil length to complement your wedding dress for a dreamy classic look that will stand the test of time. Contact the team at Britten Weddings for expert advice in choosing the best bridal accessories to match your look.