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How to Choose Wedding Jewellery to Match your Dress


It’s the biggest day of your life, and it goes without saying that any bride wants to look their absolute best on this most special of occasions.

But sometimes, with such a vast amount of things to consider, from invitations to flowers and table plans, matching jewellery to your wedding dress is something that can be left until the last minute.

pearl back drop necklace

But, of course, the right jewellery can set your wedding-day outfit off to perfection, and complement your personality and your whole look for the day.

Here are our tips for adding that perfect final shimmer

Choose your dress first

It may sound obvious, but your wedding dress is the main event, so choose jewellery to suit it, rather than the other way around. Know the style and finish of your dress first of all – it may be rather different from what you’d initially imagined yourself wearing.

For example, you could regret buying a statement necklace if your dream dress ends up having an asymmetrical neckline. Or if your gown has beading, you may want to choose a headpiece with a beading detail. In terms of colouring, silver will suit a white dress best, while gold looks gorgeous with champagne or ivory.

statement necklace

Go For the Understated Look

Once you have your perfect look, you can hunt for those all-important finishing touches. But remember not to upstage the gown with your jewellery. If anything, go for items that create a more elegantly understated appearance. This will also look better in the photographs recording your big day.

Think of items such as a beautiful but simple bracelet, or some elegant earrings that set off your up-do exquisitely. If you go for timeless classics, your bridal style will stand the test of time by being glamorous as well as fashionable.

classic bridal earrings

Take your skin tone into account

What colour will best suit your particular skin tone? Your skin tone may suit gold or silver jewellery better, for example, and lend itself more readily to some gemstones than others. Test different varieties against your skin carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask for professional help with your choice.

Be versatile

Jewellery is an investment, so think about when else you could give it another chance to shine. Carefully chosen pieces will be ones you want to return to again and again in the future. Don’t choose something you’d never feel comfortable wearing on any other day.

Something old, something new…

You can apply this timeworn bridal adage to wedding jewellery. Why not mix your favourite pearl earrings with a new piece, or borrow a family heirloom, worn with a modern classic item of jewellery.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Not everything in your wedding styling has to be in neutral tones. For example, you could match gemstones with things like a table centrepiece or one of the flowers you’re using for a truly elegant look.

green wedding earrings