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What is a Bridal Cover Up?


Ask the question ‘what is a bridal cover up' and you’re sure to receive a variety of responses! From the practical necessity of a winter wedding to the theatrical finesse of a show-stopping bridal look, a cover-up is a must-have accessory for modern brides across the UK.  

A statement piece. A flourish. A finishing touch.

What is a bridal cover up?

A bridal cover up is so much more than a garment designed to be worn over a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress. On-trend and uber-functional, a cover-up is perfect for adding some extra flair to a simple minimalist style dress, switching up your look from the wedding venue to the reception, or keeping you warm as the sun begins to set on your special day and the night time festivities begin.

Choosing the perfect wedding cover-up

Each bride has her own unique personal style, and, from wild and bohemian to classic sophistication, each bride will find a cover up that reflects her personality and complements her overall look on her wedding day. All she has to do is think about…

…the fit

Different heights, different body shapes, even the changing seasons, all call for different styles of wedding dress. And, each dress has a cover-up that will match it perfectly.

The long drape of abridal wrap or shawl makes an ideal pairing for a boho-chic bride, and the ethereal nature of adelicate tulle cape or capelet will rest beautifully on the shoulders of any fairy-tale bride.

Taking a more modest approach, a sleeved bolero jacket or adelicate lace cover up with sleeves are both stylish and flattering options for brides who are self-conscious about their upper arms or who worry about displaying bare shoulders in a church setting, but don’t want to forgo the refined look of a strapless wedding gown.

And, for a wedding in winter, a bridal shrug or stole will add some much-needed warmth and a hint of Hollywood glamour to a traditional wedding dress against a snowy backdrop.

…the feel

From the romance of translucent ‘barely there’ tulle to the luxury of a snow queen-esquefaux fur stole or shrug, the fabric and texture of a wedding cover-up can bring so much finesse and personality to the overall wedding look, as well as extra comfort and versatility on the big day.

Combining and contrasting a lace bridal capelet with the soft silks, satins, and chiffon of a wedding dress, is a creative way to achieve a subtle but striking impact that can lift the appearance of a simple wedding dress.  

… the finish

What is a bridal cover up without exquisite detailing? From understated details to bold and memorable touches, a bridal cover up is also an opportunity to add embellishments and finishes for that extra wow-factor.  From sparkling crystals and sequins,embroidered lace motifs, to pearl buttons andhand-beading, brides can achieve a deluxe bespoke effect with minimal effort.

For contemporary brides, introducing elements of colour into your bridal wear is one of the most popular wedding trends. A bridal cover up is a perfect way to add a hint of a hue to an ensemble that matches well with everything from your hair accessories to the bridal party and the flower scheme.

Switch from asking 'what is a bridal cover up ?' to 'which one should I choose?'

A classic cover-up adds timeless elegance to a wedding look and Britten Weddings’ handcrafted designs will leave any bride feeling spoilt for choice. Discover the stunning range of exclusive bridal separates for yourself, orcontact Britten Weddings to arrange a visit to our boutique to see our beautiful cover-ups in person.

Lace bridal cover up