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What is gold filled jewellery?


'Gold fill' is a layer of solid gold bonded to a core metal, usually jewellers brass, under enormous heat and pressure. It's only available in sheets, wire or tubes as bonding the layer of gold to more complex shapes is not possible. For an item to be regarded as gold filled it must have a gold content of more than 5% of the item weight.

What is gold filled jewellery?

 The solid gold component of gold fill jewellery can be 10-18 karat, all the gold fill we use in our jewellery is 14k gold. Lets tackle a few of the questions we get asked a lot!

How durable is gold filled jewellery?

Gold filled jewellery is far more durable than gold plate, and not far off that of solid gold. There is lots of vintage gold filled jewellery in existence still and although you need to take the appropriate care our gold filled jewellery should last many many years.

Why isn't it filled with gold?

This was our first question too! Think of the phrase as two sentences... 'Gold. Filled' ... and it makes more sense. It's gold, filled with something else! 

Is gold filled better than gold plated?

Yes it is. Gold plate can tarnish and rub off, gold filled jewellery contains much more gold and is more durable. 

Will gold filled jewellery tarnish?

The short answer is no but gold filled jewellery does need to loved and kept away from strong chemicals. Store your gold filled jewellery away from light and in an airtight small container if possible.  

Is gold filled jewellery ok for people with sensitive skin?

Unless you are sensitive to gold, and that is very few people indeed!, then yes. Because the gold layer is thick no other metals will interact with your skin. 

How do I clean gold filled jewellery?

Soak the the jewellery for a few minutes in warm water with gentle soap. Then use a soft cloth and soft toothbrush to get in the corners, rinse and dry thoroughly. You don't need to do this every day, just if your jewellery has managed to get particularly dirty! For more information see our page 'How to care for gold filled jewellery'.