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Who Should Buy the Wedding Garter for the Bride?

Over the last couple of weeks, our little boutique in Bradford on Avon has been busy with lots of lovely brides who have come in search of finding their perfect garter to finish off their bridal outfit.

We love hearing all about their exciting plans, and how the final details are all coming together, we especially love hearing lots of details about the dress.

One thing we have noticed from these visits though, is that many of the brides ask us who should buy the wedding garter? Got more questions about garters?

wedding garter

There is no rule as to whom should buy a garter for a bride. If she has her heart set on one particular garter, why should she not buy it for herself?

It could be one in a style she loves and knows would suit her dress.

It can also be a perfect little something purchased by a mother or sister to be presented to the bride on her big day and if the garter is kept in the family it could become a family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

We also have bridesmaids and the odd fiancé buying a garter for the bride on her wedding day.

It really can be anyone who knows you still need one and knows the sort of style you’d love!

When you make your appointment to visit our boutique why not bring your bridesmaid, sister or mother along with you to help choose your favourite one.

All our garters are available online, so it can be easily purchased at a later date if needed!

Sarah is also available for any advice if you are concerned with sizing, finding one to suit your dress and any other questions you may have about our garters!