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Why Do we Make our Wedding Garters in England?

This is a question often asked by the press and visitors. We stand out because of our insistence on English design and manufacturing. There are a few different answers, this calls for a list!

  • We believe luxury items should be made in their country of origin. There is a place for 'low cost' manufacturing, millions of workers in the developing world depend on it. However when you are buying something that needs to be as perfect as possible you need control. That means watching closely every aspect of production. We can do that here in England, we can't do that in Southern India.
  • Being made locally, and not subcontracted to a vast factory unit, means we can be responsive to our lovely brides. We rarely hold many garters in stock and constantly tweak and change the styles and colours based on what our brides love - it makes for many more happy wedding garter customers! 
  • Being close to the crafting of actual pieces means we can respond to our staff when they have good ideas, not all designing is done in our boutique/design hub, some of it comes from the ladies who produce the garters. No one is closer or cares more about each garter than them. 
  • Finally it's where in England that we work from that is super special. England is pretty everywhere but Bradford on Avon, the small town just outside Bath where we are based, is pretty in a way that leaves you short of breath and unwilling to blink. Does this affect our work? Of course! When your surroundings are so special you feel honour bound to try and match them in your work; in a blog post, in our boutique's design and in our beautiful wedding garters. Maybe you think this hyperbole but this is our walk to work. Seriously. 

Want to see some of our handmade wedding garters? Browse our selection of English-made wedding garters today.