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A Two Tier Barely There Veil

We absolutely love our veils here at Britten Weddings and we regularly stroll around the boutique in some of our favourites. I mean how else are we going to learn the ins and outs of every veil for our incredible brides?

I have a large soft spot for any two tier veil, it reminds me of the veil I wore whilst walking down the aisle and I find that there is something a little more mystical about having that blusher; well mainly used to hide my happy tears.. anyone else? :) 

We get many brides falling in love with our Barely there wedding veil Skylar, with it's beautiful design for any bride who wants just a hint of a veil. Some of our brides long for a minimal two tier veil with no gather on the comb and often request a bespoke two tier Skylar veil

But wait... There is no need! Our drop veils are exactly what you could be looking for! We know that not every veil matches every brides personality and that is why our amazing designer has created so many beautiful options. Our drop veils have an incredible elegance to their design where it is present but is beautifully subtle at the same time. 

All of our drop veils have a slight option of customisation without being non-returnable, if you find that you are wanting to keep your veil in place with a beautiful head piece you can opt for your drop veil to have no comb. Alternatively you can create your veil with a comb essentially creating a two tier Skylar.