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How to Choose your Veil Colour

We get lots of emails from our lovely brides to be asking which colour they should go for when choosing a bridal veiland in most cases we tell them to order our sample packs! We use two different types of tulle, our traditional tulle which comes in white, off-white, ivory and champagne and our silk style which comes in white, off-white and ivory. We also have a selection of more unusual colours such as blue/grey, blush pink and our gorgeous ivory Swiss dot tulle.

tulle samples

If you are in a real emergency and don't have much time then the important thing to remember is that it's unlikely you have a white-white dress! Our white tulle is optical white, it's the whitest white you can get, in natural light it looks almost blue against our off-white which is generally the most common shade of white. In this picture taken in natural light you can really see the difference!

tulle colours

Ivory is much creamier and softer, it's still very pale but if your dress has any hint of cream then ivory is probably the best choice.

Champagne is another less common colour, it's much darker than our ivory. Here's a stunning champagne veil we made with an ivory lace edge so you can see the difference. 

champagne veil

It's almost impossible for us to tell colours apart from photos on our computer screens and whilst we do our very best to help we will always recommend our sample packs or for you to purchase two veils and return one to us.

One last thing to consider is that your veil doesn't need to match exactly, it just needs to compliment your dress.

If you want to have a lace edged veil then we do samples for those too! The colour of the lace is more important when matching to your dress than the tulle and some of our laces go with both off-white and ivory so the tulle colour can come down to personal preference.

I hope you've found this helpful and once again - if you do need any more help please do get in touch!


At Britten we don't just offer fabulous veils, we also have a selection of handmade bridal accessories including bridal necklaceshead chains and hair combs.