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Is It Bad Luck To See A Bride Before The Wedding?


In keeping with centuries-old tradition, many engaged couples ask ‘is it bad luck to see a bride before the wedding?’ in the build-up to the big day. Whilst there’s no hard evidence to suggest that it is, many couples still decide not to see other on the morning of their wedding. 

Whether they wish to follow superstition or add an extra element of fun on the wedding day, there are many reasons why modern brides chose to make their first appearance to the groom as they walk down the aisle.


Where did the tradition come from?


Weddings are filled with tradition, from wearing something blue to carrying a lucky horseshoe or sixpence, but the bad luck surrounding the groom seeing the bride before the wedding has origins dating back centuries, and across cultures and civilisations.

Many years ago, when arranged marriages were commonplace, the pairing of a son with a daughter often stood to financially benefit the business relationship between two fathers.  With a fruitful business partnership on the line, fathers didn’t want to run the risk of any doubts or cold-feet on the groom’s part based on their daughter’s appearance. So, to secure their status and their fortune, they kept their daughter hidden away, adding a bridal veil so that her face wasn’t revealed until the very last minute, leaving as little opportunity as possible for the groom to back out of the ‘deal’.



Modern day brides (and families) view things a little differently now. There are those who forgo the tradition completely, spending the morning together before getting ready for the wedding ceremony later in the day. And, there are those who stick with tradition and don’t see the groom before the wedding, adding an element of mystery and excitement before they say ‘I do’.  Whether they buy into the bad-luck wedding superstition or not, there are lots of advantages to be had from taking this approach:


Silly Superstition


Depending on the location of the wedding, it may be near impossible for the bride and groom to avoid each before they get married, but that won’t stop them from trying.

Dodging. Hiding. Covering eyes. Couples will go to great lengths to not see each other, with the sometimes outlandish effort injecting fun and silliness into the day, setting an energetic and light-hearted tone for the celebrations ahead.


Memory Making


A couple who have lived together for a long time might be forgiven for feeling that some of the romance has disappeared as they settle into a routine.

By not seeing the bride before the wedding, many couples feel that having some time apart is an opportunity to make their reunion in front of their friends and family feel even more meaningful, giving them new memories to cherish forever.  


The Big Reveal


You’ve picked out the dress of your dreams and carefully accessorised with an exquisite veil. Linking arms, you’re ready to take those first steps towards your new marriage. Your groom is waiting, eager to see you, peeling back your veil for the big reveal. This is your moment to see his reaction, to make an extra special connection just before you make a lifetime of promises to each other.  

 Sharing feelings of anticipation and excitement with each other will help nurture a bond between you, a memory that you will look back fondly on over the years.


Whatever you choose to do on your wedding day will be the perfect option for you. Your wedding day is your day. It’s personal and special to you. So, whether you’ll need to get ready with your best friends and bridesmaids to remain calm before saying your vows, or you want to wake up and have breakfast with your other half to make early morning memories together, then that’s what you must do to start the happiest day of your life off on the right note.

If you must follow tradition or give in to superstition by asking ‘is it bad luck to see a bride before the wedding?’, Britten Weddings have a selection of bridal veils, garters, and blue themed accessories to help your big day run as smoothly as possible.