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Top Ten Veils for the Modern Bride

From warding off evil spirits to representing purity, the bridal veil is steeped in tradition and spiritual symbolism. But, vestal virgins and superstitions aside, the veil is an exciting and on-trend bridal accessory for 2018. Choosing from the top ten veils for the modern bride, brides-to-be have the chance to complement their bridal look with a range of fashionable and stunning wedding veil styles.

Whether you’re looking for sheer extravagance or barely-there chic, there’s a style of wedding veil to reflect your personality and complete your look. Guided by the latest UK bridal trends and our own love of beautiful bridal accessories, Britten Weddings have gathered together our ultimate list of favourite wedding veil styles for contemporary brides to help you find your perfect match:

Discover the Top Ten Veils for the Modern Bride as chosen by Britten Weddings...

The Barely There Veil

One of the most popular wedding veil style, modern brides choose barely-there veils for their fuss-free simplicity. Available in a range of lengths, brides can add extra flow and movement to contemporary yet romantic bridal looks and a subtle hint of tradition for the even the most on-trend gowns.

Barely there wedding veil - 'Skylar'

The Braid Soutache Edge Veil

Delicate and floaty, with an exquisitely elegant silhouette, a braid soutache edge veil is a versatile bridal accessory that combines traditional elements with a modern finish. This type of veil looks outstanding with most styles of wedding dress, but would complement the clean lines of a minimalist dress especially.

Braid soutache edge two tier wedding veil - 'Nyla'

The Crystal Scatter Veil

Adding a subtle hint of shimmer, crystal scatter veils give modern brides the opportunity to add a flash of sparkle to their style without too much ostentation. With a crystal scatter veil, modern brides can achieve a dreamy look or enhance the appearance of a minimalist wedding dress with understated but striking crystal embellishments.

Illusion drop veil with crystal scatter- Marina

The Cut Edge Veil

For contemporary brides looking for a veil filled with romance, the finish of a cut edge veil allows for an ethereal feel whilst maintaining the clean look of the modern aesthetic. Floaty, dreamy and extremely elegant, the cut edge veil is perfect for the cutting-edge bride.

Silk style barely there wedding veil - 'Ilona'

The Horsehair Edge Veil

A double tier veil, the horsehair edge veil blends present day trends with elements of tradition for an overall stylish and structured look. Allowing the option to both cover and reveal the face, when the top tier is pulled back, the veil falls gently down the bride’s back, with the tulle fabric adding translucent volume to the overall look.

Horsehair two tier wedding veil - 'Atlas'

The Pure Crisp Silk Tulle Veil

The texture of a pure crisp silk tulle veil will lend itself perfectly to modern wedding dress styles. Clean lines combined with a little more structure than regular soft silk, it also works well with high fashion bridal hairstyles.

Crisp silk barely there wedding veil- Margot

The Silk Organza Veil

The silk organza veil is lightweight and modest in design, without losing the elegance and sophistication of a modern bridal look. Created without any gather, the Mabel silk organza veil will fall beautifully from the crown for a refined yet contemporary look.

Organza wedding veil- Mabel

The Silk Satin Edge Veil

Modern wedding veils with clean lines and a structured drop. Finished with satin edging, the silk satin edge veil pairs well with modern wedding dresses detailed with embellishments or lace features to provide a subtle contrast for a striking effect.

Satin edge two tier wedding veil - 'Sandy'

The Waterfall Cut Veil

For modern brides looking for paired back elegance, a waterfall cut veil gives the versatility of a two-tier veil teamed with the low-key luxury and extravagance of a full volume veil. The waterfall cut veil can be matched perfectly to modern vintage inspired dresses or a strappy longline wedding gown.

Waterfall cut barely there wedding veil - 'Emery'

The Full Lace Edge Veil

Lace features heavily in traditional wedding veil designs, but the modern bride can still enjoy the intricacies and beauty of lace whilst remaining fuss-free with a full lace edge veil. Team the detail of a scalloped full lace edge veil with a long minimalist wedding dress for subtle yet chic styling.

Full lace edged single tier wedding veil - 'Ada'

Using a top ten veils for the modern bride shortlist, brides-to-be can focus their search for the perfect wedding veil without feeling overwhelmed or restricted by the range of styles available. Today’s bride has unlimited options for choosing the length, shape, and finish of the veil that suits her own unique style and tastes. Find the veil of your dreams in our stunning range of veils or contact our designers to find out how you could work with them to create your own bespoke wedding veil.