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What is a Bandeau Veil?

Between the different lengths, colours, styles, and fabrics, it can be hard to know where to begin when you're choosing a wedding veil. If your bridal look is vintage inspired, you may wish to start your search by finding the answer to the question 'what is a bandeau veil?'. 

What is a Bandeau Veil? 

A bandeau veil is a short wedding veil that covers a section of the bride's face. It can also be worn across the forehead, slightly covering the hair, and is often under 10 inches in height.

Bandeau veils are also sometimes known as Venetian veils, in reference to the romance and mystery of the masquerade balls of Venice in which noble ladies would cover their faces with an ornate mask. 

Typically made from delicate Russian net or a fine lightweight tulle, a bandeau veil is a fuss-free bridal accessory that knows how to make an impact despite its small stature.

Bandeau veils can also be confused with birdcage veils, and whilst they bear some similarities, birdcage veils are a different type of wedding veil technically speaking. When shopping for wedding veils it's best to view the veil first just in case it's been labelled incorrectly.   

How to Wear a Bandeau Veil

A bandeau veil is fixed behind each ear, with the veil material running across the face.

This type of veil can be fixed with discreet pins or combs, perfect for a pared-down minimalist look that draws attention to the bride's eyes and ears. If you choose this type of veil, you may wish to think about accessorising the bandeau veil with sparkling wedding earrings for a stunning statement look.  

Bandeau wedding veils can also be attached with embellished combs.  Finished with floral and crystal features, the combs help to add exquisite details to a bridal hairstyle without too much ostentation. 

Which Style of Wedding Dress Should I Wear with a Bandeau Veil?

Vintage yet versatile, the bandeau veil makes the perfect finishing touch for a range of bridal looks. 

Because this type of wedding veil is reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s, it lends itself most easily to retro style wedding dresses. Looking effortlessly chic when worn with a tea length wedding dress or a short bridal gown, the bandeau veil is a timeless classic. Bandeau veils can also enhance the elegance of a longer length lace vintage style or bohemian inspired gown, adding to their veil appeal. 

Brides wearing an offer shoulder wedding dress or strapless bridal gown may also wish to consider wearing a bandeau veil on their wedding day. The short length of the veil reveals the definition of the bride's shoulders and decolletage creating a poised and graceful silhouette, as well as showing off every detail of the dress. 

For the complete Hollywood glamour effect, bandeau veils will look fabulous with a form-fitting minimalist style gown, and because of their short length, the bride can move freely and confidently amongst her guests without needing to carry or reposition a cumbersome train.  

Which Bridal Hairstyle Looks Best with a Bandeau Veil?

Thanks to their classic styling, bandeau wedding veils will complement pretty much any bridal hairstyle. Because the final position of the veil can be flexible, the veil can be fixed to suit short hair, updos, and long bridal hairstyles.  So once you've chosen your veil, you'll then have the difficult choice of narrowing down the shortlist of your favourite hairstyles. 

See our real brides wearing bandeau veils for wedding accessory inspiration, and shop the selection of beautiful bandeau veils from the Britten Weddings wedding veils collection. If you can't find the exact look you've had in mind, speak to the Britten team to discuss options for creating your own bespoke bandeau bridal headpiece for your special day.