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What is a Fingertip Length Veil?

 fingertip length veil

The perfect wedding veil could be right at your fingertips. Lightweight and lovely, with just enough length, here you'll find the answer to the question ‘what is a fingertip length veil?’. 

Knowing the difference between the different bridal veil styles and lengths out there will help you decide whether a fingertip veil is the right length for your bridal look, when you're shopping for wedding veils

What is a Fingertip Length Veil?

A fingertip length veil is an extremely versatile wedding veil. With a length and shape that lends itself to most wedding dress designs and bridal body shapes, brides to be are more than likely to find a fingertip length wedding veil to suit them and their personal style.

A fingertip veil is a mid-length veil that will work with both a formal bridal look or a more casual one, with a range of modern, alternative, and traditional veil designs available. 

How Long is a Fingertip Length Veil?

A fingertip length veil is 122cm in length from the comb to the end of the tulle or lace edge. When worn, the length of the veil should finish around the bride’s fingertips as she stands with her arms resting at her side. This can vary however depending on the height of the bride. 

How to Wear a Fingertip Length Veil

Flatteringly flawless, the fingertip veil lends itself wonderfully to a variety of tastes and styles, giving the wearer the feel of a long veil without the difficulties associated with a long wedding veil.  

If you're wearing a wedding dress that has detail on the back, the short length and the tulle fabric of the fingertip veil will allow you to see any beadwork, lacing, bows, or the cut of the dress underneath. 

Shorter in length than a floor-length, church length, or cathedral length veil, a fingertip veil won’t drag along the floor so it will stay looking perfectly pristine from the ceremony to carriages. Fingertip veils make wonderful heirlooms too. 

A mid-length veil also allows you more freedom to move, meaning you can wear it throughout your reception and during your first dance without worrying about tripping or standing on your veil. 

Our Favourite Fingertip Veils

Fingertip length single tier cut edge wedding veil

Full lace fingertip wedding veil - 'Jana'

Fingertip length full lace edged wedding veil - 'Coria'

Fingertip length semi lace edged wedding veil - 'Calleva'

Fingertip length two tier cut edge wedding veil

Find our real brides wearing fingertip length veils

Our guide to ‘what is a fingertip length veil?’ should tell you all you need to know about fingertip veils before your big day.  Shop the fingertip length wedding veils collection at Britten Weddings, or arrange an appointment to visit our boutique showroom in Bradford-on-Avon, to find out if this length is truly for you by giving one a try.